The Science Behind Heartbreak: 8 Things That Happen To Our Bodies After A Breakup

It can sometimes seem impossible to deal with a really tough breakup. When you’re heartbroken and missing someone you used to spend so much time with, you can feel so many different and complicated emotions. I know that the last time I went through a breakup, I felt like my whole world was ending. In short, it sucks.

When you’re an outsider, it’s easy to pass off these breakup side effects as someone just being really dramatic or really sad. But the truth is, there is a lot more going on than you think – breakups aren’t just hard emotionally, they’re also hard physically. There’s actually a science behind heartbreak that proves that a broken heart can lead to real and sometimes very serious physical issues. So what is really going on with you after a breakup? Here are 8 things that happen to your body because of heartbreak and exactly why they happen. So, next time you or someone you know is going through a breakup, don’t assume they’re exaggerating their pain.

Have you ever experienced any of these things during a breakup? Did any of these surprise you? Tell me in the comments.


12 things we secretly do during a breakup that we don’t want to admit

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  • Katherine

    Me and my boyfriend of 6 years broke up 2 weeks ago and I’ve suffered every one of these (except death, obviously).
    Although the breakup was mutual it wasn’t something we wanted to do but more like we had to. Within a week I had gotten a rash all over my body connected with a viral infection, ulcers and boils from being run down. I haven’t eaten a full meal in two weeks and I usually love food. My chest physically hurts from the pain of heartache and stress. I’m aware I’m depressed as it’s something I’ve dealt with on and off for 10 years and I’ve never felt such withdrawal from anything in my life. I’m just holding on to the hope that things really will get better, eventually.

  • Hoda

    I still feel alone and can’t do my home works .i feel I will be allright if I meet him again but it’s impossible

  • Depressed

    I have had my heart broken
    and 4 of those things are happening to me right now….

  • sabby

    Obviously you have no idea what manic depression actually is.

  • Johng125

    Thanks so much for sharing this excellent info! I’m seeking forward to see much more posts! fcafcfeeeefe

  • Elena

    reading this makes me feel even more unhappy and sad. I feel so sad that I feel ike my life has no future. I love sucks. loving somebody that doesn’t love is even sadder.

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  • kadelle2

    so true. everything that’s listed here. i actually felt like i was gonna die from a heartattack but told myself “nah, emotional pain cant be that serious” apparently it can :/

  • LittleRedWolf

    I just went through a breakup of sorts. It was a friend breakup but I had really strong romantic feelings for her as well. I thought she was my best friend and she kind of acted like she had feelings for me, too. We did everything together and spent a lot of time together, but then out of no where it all came crashing down. I was so depressed for the next couple days and felt a lot of the things listed above, until I got an e-mail basically telling me so much of our friendship was bs. It sucked, but it made me more pissed off than anything and it did help me get out of the depressed state a lot quicker. It’s hard to miss someone who wasn’t “real” in a sense.

  • Lissa

    Please don’t die. Please. PLEASE. I promise the best is yet to come.

  • Depressed and Suicidal

    You’ll feel so depressed you might become a manic depressive.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you have no idea what manic depression actually is.