First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories For A Futuristic Inspired Outfit

Who else watched Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century and hoped that that you would be wearing her wardrobe in the future? Well, maybe it was just me…typical.


But seriously, I was all about the colorblocking, the bright colors and the pleather look of everything. It was definitely based on the stereotypical idea of those uniform outfits we’ll all wear once we’re living in space and have, apparently, lost our sense of sartorial individuality, but at least their outfits were cute!

If you want to really make a fashion statement rock a futuristic, spacey look on a first date or a night out, check out these 10 clothes and accessories that’ll make it happen. Get ready for some holographic clothes, transparent accessories and a ton of bright colors.


What else would you wear with a futuristic look? What other styles would you like to see in this feature? Tell us in the comments!

10 Clothes And Accessories For A 60s Mod Look

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  • Mimi

    Love every single one of these.So cute