10 Of Our Favorite Jerks From Teen Movies

Okay, let me be clear: I think that we should acknowledge jerks for the jerks they are. Sure, some redeem themselves and some never get around to it because they’re too busy being awful for no reason. But I don’t think that we should let them off the hook too easily. Yeah, sometimes they’re really hot or have some sort of quirk that we love, but jerks are jerks and we shouldn’t excuse their behavior!

But when it comes to movies, let’s be real, we sometimes can’t help but have some love for some real jerks. Deep, deep down…or not so deep down. Maybe it’s looks, maybe we see a bit of our jerky halves in their jerky halves, or maybe we just have a soft spot for people who are the worst. Either way, you probably have some characters in mind already. Here are 10 of our favorite teen movie jerks that we love to hate and hate to love.


Who did we forget? What awful characters get too much undeserved love? Tell us in the comments!


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