Your Halloween Costume Is Offensive

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

Art & Story by Kaylani Fuller

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  • chat_noir_13

    Umm, I’m a little shocked you didn’t include germany. How do u think I feel, seeing those weird lederhosen people drinking beer like it’s water. Is that what they think my culture does?

  • Respect It

    The witches mentioned are different from those that are pagans, practice voodoo, or Obeah. Geisha, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Native American costumes ARE offensive to the people of that race and culture. Most people don’t realize it,but someone somewhere would be offended by a costume like the ones mentioned in the article. The Europeans that came to America? Yeah, they massacred the Natives. So whenever you wear a costume like sexy Indian you basically rub it in their faces. Not all Middle Eastern people are terrorists. Have you heard about Syria? The government is killing the nation’s people.

  • Anna

    This comic is complete rubbish.

  • Beachgoth

    “(For instance, dressing as a witch has nothing to do with race and other cultures.)”

    Well, actually, I’m Pagan. So, I could be offended by people dressing up as witches, and I could claim they’re making a mockery of not just my religion, but also one of my major religious holidays (Samhain) AND I could claim they’re being insensitive to people who died because they were thought to be witches (even though most of them weren’t.)

    , but I know that isn’t their intent, so I’m not really worried about it. I choose not to be offended because there are more important things than what someone wears one day out of the year.

  • Marii

    Who ever wrote this comic clearly doesn’t know the meaning of racism, and shouldn’t use it so loosely. Are these costumes offensive? Possibly. They perpetuate stereotypes of certain races (eg. Tequila, Rasta cap) which can easily be seen as insensitive, but definitely not racist. Anyone who takes personal offense to a freakin Halloween costume really need to evaluate themselves, because you may be defining yourself by your race. I’m a 14yr old Irish-Swedish girl living in America and every year i have to see hoards of people carelessly mocking and insulting my race with the overuse of green and claiming the Irish are heavy drinkers. Am I personally offended by this? Of course not, because I know it’s just harmless fun not intending to offend.

  • Ana

    OMG i love it!!

    i’m mexican and it’s really rude what people say about us |:
    Everybody should respect all kind of cultures and tradition, it’s not fair talk about something that even know.
    I got your point…
    Thank you for talking about this issues.

  • Rene

    wow. I usually enjoy Fuller’s comics, but this one came off a tad bit rude and a little overboard in my perspective.
    I don’t think Fuller was trying to be rude, I feel like you should never tell people what they can or cannot wear(unless they’re wearing nothing at all) because then it strips people of uniqueness.These costumes are definitely are not racist or meant to purposely offend others.
    And don’t mind that a costume is sexy(unless its a child), it just means that those who is wearing that costume feels confident in their body and in their own skin and that’s something that should never be bad. We shouldn’t shame people for being confident. Halloween is a celebration, people should just have fun and enjoy the one night they get to be the person they’ve dreamed of being at one point of their lives. Don’t be so serious, have fun!

    • Liz

      I completely agree. It shouldn’t be taken that seriously when we have other serious things to worry over.

  • Sheala Tabb

    I personally think that the comments on here so far really prove that racism issues are not taken very seriously. (For instance, dressing as a witch has nothing to do with race and other cultures.) Not all racism is blatant and obvious, it can be very subtle thing, and those costumes could be an example of that. The fact that people don’t find them to be a big deal and think that the people from those ACTUAL cultures are over-reacting is a serious problem. Just because one person doesn’t find those costumes offensive doesn’t mean that others don’t find them to be one big crap stain on the fabric of their upbringing, so to speak.

    • Rose

      Actually witches used to be thought of as real and during the Salem Witch Trials many women were accused and convicted of witchcraft and hung for it. These were real events, with real people, and some people still believe dressing up as so even on Halloween is devil-worship. Therefore, witches do have to do with culture, maybe now race, but culture/religion.

  • A.

    She wasn’t kidnapped when she was 11. She was married before she married her 2nd husband John Rolfe but since her 1st husband didn’t go after her she was considered divorced. She was married to Kocoum from the age of 15 to 18 I’ve done a lot of research on her & John Rolfe since Rolfe’s an ancestor of mine. So next time do your research before you start insinuating she was kidnapped as a child because she wasn’t. She was 19 when she was married to Rolfe. She met him after meeting John Smith who was known to make up stories about women saving him. Do your research! You’re offending descendants like me. So please I know you’re talking about not offending other cultures & people but you have just done what you have accused others of doing.

  • NotAmused

    Good grief… If people are so worried about stepping on some people’s toes, then why isn’t there an article like this about dressing up as presidents or political figures?
    Or better yet, why isn’t there an article about why it’s offensive to dress up as religious figures?
    Why aren’t you going to shake your finger at someone dressed up as Jesus, or Allah, or Buddha, or any others for that matter?

    If it’s somehow ok to go to a Halloween party as Jesus to get drunk, then it should be just fine to go as a native American.

    I for one am tired of walking on eggshells.
    Lissa deserves a high-five.

    • Respect It

      She was talking more about racism and stereotypes.

  • Whiteperson

    Because I’m white that automatically means I have no culture and everything I do will be offensive, pretty cool.

  • Lissa

    Okay, I have had enough.

    Lately I’ve been seeing this kind of articles all over the Internet. And honestly, I think this is going overboard.

    I could go on and on about why so-called “racist” costumes are not really racist, but that’s not the point here. I mean, do you even know what Halloween means? What it meant for people like the Celts?

    Halloween was their night to honor the ones who had passed away. People got dressed as monsters and that kind of stuff to SCARE AWAY bad spirits, and to keep those spirits from doing them any harm.

    I’m okay with Little kids getting dressed as ghosts and witches and asking for candy. I’m okay with Halloween movies and decorations. I’m not so okay with teenagers using Halloween as an excuse to get wasted. And I’m definitely not okay with “sexy” costumes, be it a banana or Pocahontas. Not for Halloween.

    Instead of bashing people who wear “racist” costumes, maybe we should all respect the original idea of Halloween.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh, I didn’t mean it to. And sorry if I made some gramatical or spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue,

    • Respect It

      Lissa, thank you. Samhain (Halloween before it got its modern name) was when the Celts/Druids dressed as witches and demons to scare evil spirits.

  • Becca

    holy crap, I never even knew the true story of Pocahontas. Thanks for opening my eyes. Not that I was planning on dressing up as a Mexican or anything but its nice to really understand why these costumes are so offensive to people.

    • Araadhana

      Um… Pocahontas was a native American…not Mexican..

      • Becca

        yeah . . . never said she was -.-

  • Youraveragetrickortreater

    This article is creating a problem…. First of all disney did SO MUCH research when creating Pochahontas (of course something’s had to be changed) it’s for kids! Also, maybe the problem iis drinking on Halloween….not the dressing up! Some of us dress up because that’s what we want to be! When kids are little and dressing up like princesses they pick their favorites and I would be so blessed if my kid actually wanted to dress up as character who they see as a Indian warrior girl (strong and independent didn’t need a prince) everything could be an issue if made one!!! What if I am a “real” witch (some people believe in that) I could be offended someone dresses as a witch! Or what if I didn’t think Halloween was right (some religions believe that) then everything is offensive!!! Just be what you want and be safe and don’t drink, that’s the right message!!!!!

  • The banana

    How do you know if bananas have feelings maybe they don’t like people disrespecting their culture or their feelings. Bananas may not be people but it doesn’t give Tiffany a right to disrespect them like that!