You Oughta Know: 10 Quirky Style Bloggers That We Love

Style blogs are a dime a dozen these days to the point that so many of them just blur together. They’re all wearing the same trendiest shoes, the same trendiest outerwear and the same trendiest dresses that every other girl has in their closet.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Everybody’s personal style is, well, their personal style. But the styles that I love and the blogs that I keep coming back to are full of looks that really stand out and make a statement. It’s not about the trends or the designer shoes, it’s about letting your funky flag fly. So with that in mind, here are 10 quirky style bloggers that really take that to heart.

What style bloggers have been influential to your personal style? Do you have a style blog that you want to share with us? Tell us in the comments!


7 Curvy Style Bloggers We Can’t Get Enough Of

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  • Sweettreat

    I think you would really like this one British youtuber, “Sunbeamsjess”. Her style is definitely very unusual and daring! I really recommend you check out some of her week in outfits!

    • No

      Lol. How do we know this isn’t so-called sunbeamwhomever leaving this comment?

      • Fefi

        why… does it matter either way? wow what a hateful, useless comment.