Quiz: Are You Boring At Parties?


Some of us are just meant to be Daria’s. | Source: Daria/MTV

I like parties…well, scratch that, I like parties depending on a few factors: Is there good music? Is there something for me to at least nibble on? Do the people there suck?

Unfortunately, I can’t really judge for sure until you’re at the party, at which point I decide if I’m going to live it up for be a total grump. Lately, I’m embracing the former but I’ve definitely been the latter a handful of times. But there are only so many times that you can hover by punch bowls before you start feeling like you’re contributing to a party’s crap factor.

So what about you? Are you boring at parties or are you a party animal? Take our quiz and find out!



Are you into parties? What makes a party good or bad in your eyes? Tell us in the comments!


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