Should I Care About My Glasses Being Unattractive?

Are my glasses a turn off? Do I really care?

Are my glasses a turn off? Do I really care?

I’ve worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade, back when Spice Girls ruled the airwaves and it was still cool to wear light-up shoes. My first pair were circular, wire framed monstrosities and I felt so dorky with them, but there was still a sense of novelty that came with wearing them that only a seven-year-old can really appreciate.

As I’ve gotten older and as glasses have become cool, my glasses pride has grown. I mean, I think that I look pretty cute in them, if I do say so myself. But has that ever stopped my parents from suggesting that I invest in some contacts or making sure that I took my glasses off for all of my yearbook pictures? No. Have I always listened to them? Definitely not.

Okay, scratch that: I did try contacts once back in senior year of high school. The optometrist literally had to force them into my eye because my eyelids were strong and were rejecting such a rude intrusion. I even tried to put them in on my own once I got home, but after a few tries I quickly gave up. I didn’t care enough and, in a weird way, I almost felt like rocking contacts would be some sort of personal betrayal. Like I was conforming to this BS beauty standard that I’d see in Acuvue commercials:

You know: Girl finally rids herself of those awful glasses and suddenly has confidence and true beauty and a harem of suitors hoping to make out with her.

Yes, it’s a pretty silly thing to worry about and I have nothing against my fellow ladies with awful eyesight who prefer wearing contacts. More power to you! But I can’t help but wonder if I, too, would suddenly find myself lavishing in the benefits that come along with ditching the specs.

Which brings me to my second ridiculous confession of this post: One of my worst nightmares is that I will start wearing contacts and suddenly get noticed by guys. Honestly, I think what embarrasses me most about this horrific scenario is just how presumptuous I am to assume that a lack of glasses would bring all the boys to my yard–or rather, my apartment’s fire escape. But what if that did happen? I used to think that that was just something that happened in movies, TV shows and stupid commercials, but after chatting with a couple of colleagues from The Gloss and fellow Gurl editor Jess, I quickly realized that this nightmare might hold a little weight. They’ve experienced that extra attention–most notably male attention–that I once thought was only possible in a ’90s teen rom-com

So where does that leave me? Well, I see the benefits of wearing contacts from time to time. It would definitely make wearing sunglasses a lot easier. But I definitely have no interest in wearing them to increase the potential of someone noticing me out of a crowd of people. Sure, that would be nice, but would they have given me a second glance if I was wearing my grandma frames? That’s something I’ll probably never know and I’m not sure if I’m willing to take that risk.

I want somebody to be attracted to my personality and my looks, but since that look of mine includes a big ol’ pair of glasses, I’m going to hope they’re attracted to that too. Because one thing is certain: I’m not taking style and dating tips from She’s All That.

Have people said that you look better without your glasses? Do you think that–despite how popular it is to wear glasses–they’re still more of a turn off than a turn on? Should we even care about something like that? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Laurie

    Just a cool secret about nerd glasses: With some outfits, they look really good

  • DaynaMarie

    I wear contacts exclusively, but not because I think I look bad with glasses. I actually think my emergency glasses are pretty cute. My thing is just that I feel I can see more clearly with contacts (no dirt build up on the lenses and such) and glasses get in the way when I’m working.

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  • Anna

    my ex-boyfriend (broke up because of distance) finds glasses to be cute and sexy…its his weak spot haha

  • Yvonne

    I wear glasses too and I do take them off when I take pictures but I refuse to wear contacts. I hate contacts. I once slept in them and my eyes were so dry and red I never wanted to wear them again. My eyes were literally suffocating!

    I don’t think we should have to suffer so much to fit a beauty standard. I personally LIKE my glasses, i love the frames and so many people have told me how pretty my glasses are that I never want to take them off. The only reason i take them off when i take pictures is because I look completely different with my glasses off and that’s a whole new look in and of itself.

  • Kaerie

    There’s so much not wrong with wearing glasses that I can’t even put it into words:’) I always wanted glasses even though people who had them complained. I reckon that the frames add character to someone! My mum says my freckles add character to me even though I despise them. Are my freckles a turn off? No! So why should it be different for glasses?! Keep the confidence and rock those frames gurls!!!:D

    • Yvonne

      I totally agree Kaerie 😀