10 Ridiculous School Punishments Because Of Zero-Tolerance Policies That Shouldn’t Have Happened

I’ll be honest with you guys: I sort of like following rules. I know that sounds really lame and boring, but logically speaking, if there were no rules or no one followed them, the world would be a mess. I appreciate order, discipline and respect for authority. So a lot of the time when I hear about annoying school rules, I can totally get that they’re frustrating, but I can usually find a good reason for them.

However, there are some punishments and rules in schools across the country that even I can’t find a good reason for. Most of these ridiculous punishments come from schools with zero-tolerance policies – which have been shown to be ineffective by multiple studies over the course of years. This doesn’t stop a lot of schools from enforcing these outrageous and unnecessary punishments that come along with their zero-tolerance policy… and you might be surprised at how many there are.

Did some of the people listed below break the rules? Yes. But did they deserve such a harsh punishment? No, definitely not. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous school punishments… just to make you feel a little better about your detention:

Which of these punishments did you think was the most ridiculous? Which do you agree with? What kind of crazy punishments does your school have? Tell me in the comments.


10 ridiculous things schools have banned

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  • Lily

    I was punished for defending myself from a perverted boy in our class who never gets in trouble for doing the perverted stuff he does…

  • Princess Gaga

    gosh why do some adults have to act so stupid

  • Leah

    Tbh I think that schools are for learning so the only rules that they should enforce are when someone interrupts learning. I just think rules about hair length and coloured shoes are just plain pointless.

  • Faith

    this makes me hate human beings.

  • lola

    A girl at my school got sent home because her ankles were showing!!!

  • DaynaMarie

    My high school followed the same rule as number 5. If someone started hitting you, you had the choice to defend yourself and get suspended, or just take the punches until a teacher finally pulled the person off of you. (And that could be a while, as I saw fights that would go on for 5 minutes before a teacher would finally get to them.)

  • Tori

    There was a really recent article I read where a boy with Autism was almost expelled (I think it was just ruled in court that he could go back) because he brought in a drawing a cartoon bomb he made. It looks justlike the bombs from cartoons, like Popeye and Spongebob, and it’s not like he threatened anyone; he just went around showing it off because he made a cool drawing from some video game. It doesn’t even matter that he has Autism honestly; any kid who just did that is clearly not making a threat. Zero-tolerance is one of the WORST things in school systems. My little brother has Autism, and he’s home-schooled, so I’m glad he’ll never get suspended for drawing a bomb-omb from Mario or something.
    Anyway, this is the article.

  • Wendy

    Number five actually kind of happened to me. Except I wasn’t suspended I was charged and brought before the Juvenile courts. I was sadly in one of those physicatric school programs for children. Where yes you had drs and such on campus and residences but you were allowed to go JUST for school. Well I was the only girl in the class with several boys. two of the workers were female themselves but it didn’t do any good. Well I was waiting at the same bus stop with the boys from my class because it was a shorter walk(Yeah big mistake I know) and the boys were all ganging up on me. It was a daily occurence. One day this one kid in my class badly messed from a hit and run had pushed me to my breaking point. I was sitting at the back of the bus enjoying my walkman(for those of you this was the 80’s/90s no pods) not harming a single fly. He proceeded to make fun of my “different” behavior again. I had enough I got up, turned off my walkman, and made my way over to him. I grabbed his filthy head and I bashed it against a metal bus divider by the back door, and went back to my seat. A woman saw he was out cold and thought I had killed him. Not realizing he was involved in a hit and run as a kid back in Montreal. She demanded I be charged and brought before the courts. Even the cop who knew my uncle thought it was stupid, and said We don’t want to but the lady insisted. I got off with a drawing through something called Diversions. I wouldn’t attempt anything like this till high school.

    • Wendy

      BTW I am not encouraging violence but when the school is saying zero tolerance and is pledging zero tolerance and some how you find out “He gets exempt and he gets exempt and she gets exempt” you take matters in to your own hands

    • DaynaMarie

      I’m confused. Did these boys ever actually touch you? Please correct me if I misread, but just from reading it appears everything was just verbal until you became violent.

      Personally, I feel there is a huge difference between defending yourself physically when the other person was physical first and getting violent towards a person who did not touch you, no matter what they said.

  • JustLookingForA

    My english teacher doesnt let us say bless you for the same reason and also because only god can bless us … UMMM yeah we go to a public school.

    • LittleRedWolf

      I think you can probably take that up with the principal or school board, because that’s definitely not ok in a public school.

      • katniss

        thats right thats violating the constitution, the separation of church and state