Would You Rather: Deep, Dark Secrets Edition

"Secrets, secrets are no fun! Secrets are for everyone!" | Source: Shutterstock

“Secrets, secrets are no fun! Secrets are for everyone!” | Source: Shutterstock

Unless you’re somebody who really wears their heart on their sleeve and is open to everybody about everything, chances are you have some secrets. Some are big, some are small and some are even tough to admit to ourselves. But we all have ’em.

I’m somebody who thinks that some secrets are okay to keep to yourself as long as they don’t affect or harm somebody else in a serious way. And sometimes revealing secrets about ourselves can be a huge relief. That said, most of the secrets in my life that I’ve revealed aren’t exactly earth shattering. They’re more along the lines of, “yeah, I purposefully sent an essay full of code that I passed off as a computer glitch to my teacher in 10th grade…I just needed more time to finish it.” Yeah, what a rebel, I know.

So what if you spilled the beans about a big ol’ secret you’ve been harboring? Well, check out this edition of would you rather and decide which confessions you’d rather reveal!



What’s the biggest secret you’ve ever revealed? Do you think that it’s better to confess to your secrets or keep them close to you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Tori

    I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but when I was 11, my 7 year old cousin wouldn’t stop begging me to tell her how you get a baby, I told her, the next week she told me that she’d told her parents that I told her!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo embarrassed the next time I saw her parents!!!

  • lightwatch874

    wel… my mum peed in a sauce pan one morning, n when i walked in, she thought i didnt see her… i did. i seen it all too well… he squatting over a pan we cook in… revolting right? n she denys it n says in crazy! shes the craxy one, peeing in sauce pans and not in the toilet!

  • cooldude070

    my biggest secret is i am getting back together with my boy friend!

  • eeevol

    Eh I think the biggest one I told to my parents that I fcked my ex boyfriend more than once.
    I lied to her saying one time but I eventually ended up telling her.

  • PeaceMaker

    oh my, once i realized that my bff’s ex posted as an status “wish i could have a picture of you…” so i asked him what’s up with that, and he said it was for my bff! so i need to tell her , i did , and SHE TOOK THE PIC AND SEND IT TO HIM! he told me : don’t tell her and i felt so awkward lol.