10 Scary Movies To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

I have mixed feelings about scary movies. I’m not too squeamish, so I don’t have a problem with seeing blood or intestines or anything like that–it’s gross but I can handle it. What I can’t handle is how stupid people in horror movies are! I guess I just take things too literally to enjoy myself, but I’m sure these characters have seen a horror movie before in their lives, right? So then why do they still insist on splitting up in scary situations? Why do they go investigate weird noises alone? Why do they continue to live in haunted houses? Why won’t they listen to me when I’m screaming at them to turn around?

Too many questions left unanswered.

With that said, there are some scary movies that I have a big soft spot for. If you like to get into a spooky mood in October or you’re planning having a chill night in on Halloween, check out these 10 scary movies that you can watch instantly on Netflix!


What other scary movies do you like to watch for Halloween? What is your horror movie guilty pleasure? Tell us in the comments!

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