10 Ways To Tell You’re Going To Be Famous

When I was little and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded with “Famous!” which always resulted in a laugh. I didn’t get why it was funny though. I was being completely serious.

Now that I’m an adult and know the consequences that come with being really famous, I am perfectly content with my career path. But I always knew I’d do something in media and here we are!

So how do you know if you’re going to be famous? Here are 10 ways to tell:

You watch TV shows and movies and think “I could so do that.”

You wear big sunglasses everywhere, even indoors.

You give acceptance speeches for everything from school awards to cooking a successful family dinner.

You have an entourage.

You always jump into pictures or have a signature pose, you know, for the paparazzi.

You have a cool abbreviated signature of your name. You also pretend you’re doing autographs when you sign things.

You have no problem with your every move being documented.

You love the spotlight. No, you welcome it.

Everyone adores you.

You just feel it, you know?

Are you going to be famous? What for? Do you want to be famous?Tell us in the comments!

Are you destined to live in a big city?

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  • Anna

    why do you make test about how beautiful you are

  • Emily

    I’m going to be the next greatest bass guitarist!! I can feel it!!

  • Mersades

    im going to be a singer/actress. and i’m gonna be FAMOUS

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  • lola

    i know i am goin to be famous in this coming 4 years i mean if u really blv u can do it thats all its all about desparate needs about wht u want u have to have this hunger thats all

    • jj cool fish

      where are you now with your goal, just curious…