7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Change The Way You Dress To Please A Guy

Whenever I see articles rounding up the things that straight dudes hate or love to see women wearing, I can’t help but wonder two things: One, why the hell I’m supposed to care about some bro hating maxi dresses and two, are there are actually girls out there who listen to that crap? Unfortunately, lot’s of girls end up altering the way they dress to please their boyfriends or their crushes and, if you ask me, that’s not a good idea.

Doesn’t our society encourage straight girls to do enough tiring, exhausting things to make sure that straight dudes are attracted to them? I know that there are a ton of things that I had to unlearn because I realized that I was changing my behavior to impress a guy and it didn’t even work! And, newsflash, it usually doesn’t. And yet, some of us start second guessing our decision to wear certain things because we heard that guys don’t think that it’s hot? And some girls have boyfriends who think that they dress too hot and make them cover up! Ugh!

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t change the way you dress just to please a guy. Honestly, who has the time or patience for that anyway?


What are some of the dumbest things you’ve heard guys say that women should or shouldn’t wear? Have you ever worn something that you don’t like just because a guy you were into liked it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Don

    Men alter the way they dress for women al the time.

  • this is so true . you really dont need to please a guy by changing the way you dress but its more accurate if you look for some dress that will suit to you . and you can find a lot of stuff here that can help you to find what suits to your physical output , try to visit robecart.com they really has a lot of thing that you would really love bags, accessories, shoes, dress, pants , shorts and etc.

  • angelic girl

    Some guys say you need to dress more liberal!

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  • Chuck

    Like ckicks doesn’t do the same things to dudes!

  • Leah

    That’s actually funny, because the girl on the third picture is Grace from Skins and she changed her look for a guy in that episode the picture is from.

    • I did that on purpose, so I’m glad somebody caught that! But to be fair, she was doing it as a bit of a social experiment. Also, I do love the way she looks in that outfit. I need more stylish metal head Grace in my life. Alas…