8 Facts About Birth Control You Need To Know Now

A new study reveals some startling information about women and birth control options which is… uh, women don’t know as much about their birth control options as they should. For example, only one in five women know which method birth control is the most effective for preventing pregnancy. This is definitely not ideal, especially if you’re having sex.

At the same time, I’m not that surprised. A lot of the time, women have to find ways to educate themselves about different methods of birth control. I had never heard of an IUD until after college! So I decided to address a lot of the questions you guys ask about birth control all the time and also some common myths out there. The result is 8 facts about birth control you need to know now. Check ’em out:

Even more about the pill! Watch now!

Did you already know all of these facts about birth control? Which was the most surprising to you? Which form of birth control do you use? Tell us in the comments.


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    The Pill does cause breast size to grow in some cases, though; my mum’s breasts grew more from when she took the pill than when she had kids.