7 Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

I’ve been ridiculously happy with my new boo so you can imagine my panic when I had a dream about my ex while I was staying over with my guy! I literally woke up in a sweat and was hyperventilating because my brain was freaking out. It wasn’t a sex dream. It was worse. In this dream, my ex managed to get all of our mutual friends together to throw me a surprise party. Then he appeared out of nowhere to ask me to get back together by proposing to me. WTF?!

Fortunately, my guy didn’t wake up to notice me having a near panic attack. But still. I’m not cool with my exes invading my REM cycle! That’s my dream space, get out! I don’t even really want my exes to text me out of thin air, not to mention showing up unannounced while I’m sleeping.

But the thing is, I have zero feelings for my ex (or any of them) and am completely content with what’s happening with my new relationship. Logically, I know this dream was just a creation of my subconscious. I can’t even remember the last time I thought about my ex so maybe my brain is all “Finally, we’re done with this.”

I’m no dream expert, but here are 7 reasons why you’re dreaming about your ex:

Have you ever had a dream about your ex? What do you think it meant? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Not Real

    So, I have been married for 5 years now and I am all of a sudden having dreams of my very first bf. We dated 10 years ago and we never even had sex..bc well we were like 14-15 yrs old lol. I have had a dream with him in it for the past 3-4 nights. Last nights was really weird… he walks up to me, tells me he loves me, and then we hug each other and go sit down at a table. At this table he shows me divorce papers and I’m like whaaaaat is this about???? Then my “now” husband is there and asks what they are and I tell him they are divorce papers and he looks at me weird. Then I say… yeah but we were never married. I was never married to him (the first boyfriend).. What the (F) is that about? I have weird dreams a lot so this really isn’t surprising to me, but I really don’t like the fact that he has been in my dreams so frequently lately… bleh :/

  • Letwin Nyatsine

    I dreamt about my ex boyfriend walking along my house wat does my dream min
    This ex boyfriend of mine lives a few metres away from my house

  • Shayla

    It been two years since my first love and I broke up. After we broke up, I always had dream of him. I had dated one guy but didn’t last very long. I have been single for long time now. I have thought of dating again sometime soon. But Everyday of my waking life, he always around in my dream. It kind of make me sad, but now I’m finally accept the break up. But lately this past month till now I haven’t dream of my ex boyfriend in a while and I didn’t notice it till last night. He back, and now I’m confuse. I didn’t know what this meant, why he back, does he dream of me too? Or does it mean that I should talk to him? My friend keep telling me that I just miss him, but I have moved on. Like moved on, he and I haven’t see each other in two years.

  • ShaggyTheClown17

    Oh I see these all have to be approved, meh

  • ShaggyTheClown17

    Had a dream about my ex about an hour n half ago. It was a pretty bad breakup, was sort of still on until I talked to one of her friends about something n she cut communication, after breaking up with me originally because she cheated, cybered with some random guy and “fell in love” with a female co worker which lead nowhere because the woman got engaged to someone else days after she told me in which case told me she is bisexual n neglected to tell when the relationship began, told me she missed being promiscuous which again she neglected to tell about when the relationship began but I did have an idea which made it worse when it resurfaced. Been about a year since and I’m now engaged to a very very good woman who my ex couldn’t even hold a candle to. The dream was pretty strange, we were talking online n she was sending me pictures n video of her and like 2 other girlfriends…. O_o not really sexual but still sort of. I had my days of blasting her online to her friends and family so I don’t really have any anger towards her, nor would I ever accept her if she wanted to come back, never really got much closure or significant explanation for why she did it but doesn’t matter anymore. I guess I still feel sorry for her knowing the kind of life she said she thinks she wants to live, anyone can tell it wont lead down a good path n I wouldn’t have been able to follow either way so that makes me feel better knowing the breakup really wasn’t my fault though I made a couple small mistakes. And having typed all this down I feel alot better now 🙂 I’ve been ready to start a life with the woman I love, flying out all the way to california next month to bring her back with me <3 And the more I think about it the more I can see that my love was being squandered on a horrible person, my ex, n that wasn't fair to me nor any woman I would be with after who was waiting for me.

  • Maria Reyes

    So I’ve been dreaming about my ex A LOT. A couple weeks ago I dreamt about him 3 days in a row and today I dreamt about him too. My dreams are always about him and I hanging out and having fun but then his new gf appears and I have to completely hide my feelings for him and then in every dream he always chooses her and I’m left alone trying to find someone else or something else to forget about it. I don’t cry in my dreams I’m always just distracting myself….we broken up like two months ago because my mom made us she doesn’t want me to date anyone (I’m a sophomore in high school ) so anyways two days after we broke up he starting liking this other girl and our school is small so everyone would always tell me stuff my friends and even people I didn’t know. But two weeks after we broken he started dating her and they are still dating and that’s what really kills me. I guess I’m not over him and that’s why it hurts but it’s been two months I should be over him! I wanna be over already but I can’t stop dreaming about.him and I don’t know how to stop dreaming about him :/

  • Dana Watts

    I had a dream about my ex boyfriend last night and I have been seeing his ghost visit me near my bed side at night. I am engaged to my high school boyfriend now, but this what I had a dream of. So, this is how I am going to start this off: My ex boyfriend and I met in middle school in a drama class we had together and I had no idea he liked me we were just friends at the time then his friend Tim meets me after class telling me that my ex confessed at lunch he had a crush on me and Tim told me that my ex would sit at the table looking at me and daydreaming and smiling. My ex also sat next to me in drama class everyday and when I was sick he would ask my friends where I was and that he hoped I felt better. Then, after school we would walk to his locker and I said well I need to get home and he said hey Dana, hold on let me get my things and I will lead you out we need to talk some more. Then, he said see ya. Next, my mom would pick me up and he would run to catch up with the car saying bye to me and waving. Then, sometimes when I would sit at lunch alone he would sit at the lunch table with me and he would share his chicken nuggets and said you want them, you can have them. One time I was in the lunch line and he would be checking me out and meet me by the mustard stand and he would give me the up and down brow look. My ex best friend Courtney told me he liked her and that she was going to kick my ass with a black belt and my ex didn’t like that he said I am going to kick her ass if she touches Dana and he would behind and wink at me. We went out for three months and then separated, can’t say we broke up because he loved me and he cried over me for a year and a half and called my phone more than I could count apologizing for the way he treated me and said he would make things up to me someday and then we went back to being friends in high school he would still give me full hugs that consists the way he hugged me when we were dating and such. He told me that he wanted me to haunt him and that he never wanted to forget me and said how could I forget a girl like you, you showed me love and you were with me and your someone who I knew who would never judge me and that I would haunt him for the rest of his life. I never knew what all of this meant. Dana, 21

  • Melissa

    yeah just last night, I had, a dream that, I was at my ex boyfriend’s house. And he lives, far away now. And it’s weird.because. I never. Went to bed thinking about him. 🙁 now I miss him. What does that mean….

  • Anahi n

    I broke up with my ex about a month ago now and im still currently single not looking for relationship. But i been currently having our throwbacks, memories poping in my head and i kept checking his facebook. but i had dreams about me and him still together and last night was when i dreamed of him again

  • Christine Estrada

    my ex and I broke up last year, i really love him, cause i feel something that my other exes i dont feel really and i really miss him. and i really want to see him. And again i keep dreaming of him many times yet idk whats the meaning

  • Sam

    I am always having dreams about my ex who is now married. I have these dreams twice now and don’t know what to think of it.

  • Haylee Marie

    just last night i had a dream about my ex . just a few days before i was wondering about him , not because i miss him or anything im completely over the guy . but i was wondering how he was doing & if hes ok , im guessing thats why he appeared in my dream .. but it was weird . he didnt show up as just as a friend .. he asked me to take him back , i thought about it & kissed him ! in the process of thinking , i remembered all the real life situations that happened & why we broke up in the first place . but i didnt hesitate to kiss him . i had a few drinks before i went to sleep , could that have triggered anything?

  • kccandy2086

    I had a dream that my ex finally got a car of his own and asked me to ride with him I found it odd and decided to look in his Instagram for any idea why I would have a dream like that …I then found out he passed his driving test. I don’t think about him and I don’t stalk his gram or FB but it’s creepy and frustrating that even though I don’t keep up with him I still sense things about him ughhh

  • Chris kazuto

    I feel like I need some closure and I miss her . I truly do

    • Chocolate diva

      My ex and I ended on bad terms I found out he cheated put him out and I’ve tried to move on even got married I have moments when I dream of him in every aspect really strong and I don’t want to say something in my sleep to where my husband hears. I thought about having a conversation with my ex,I don’t know how to tackle the situation. Hello has requested over 20 of my fb friends and family members why I have no idea

  • ellen

    I recently had a dream about meeting with an ex and having sex with him, in my dream a close friend found out and told my husband. even my dream self Was devastated by loosing my husband, but in my dream we Made up and everything was fine. I believe this dream was a way of my subconscious self warning me of the consequences I could face should I do this to my husband in reality, as this dream came after some stagnation and problems in my relationship and an out of the blue proposition from an old collage friend, which I was stupidly considering. I have no doubt that this dream was my subconscious trying to warn me of the mistake I could have made or at least showing me the consequences of it. Since that dream my relationship is now back on track and I have never been so happy.

  • Sara

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of about a year, unfortunately i can’t say it ended well. So i have dreams about him from time to time, sometimes its us together like nothing was ever wrong and sometimes he wants me back but j dont want him. last night my dream went like this:

    In our high school he came up to me and i think apologized, and said he was hoping we cld try again. I didn’t really respond to tell him i didn’t feel the same. So he thoufht i did, and hugged me n kissed me once or twice, which that part is confusing me the most. Well our relationship had ended so badly that we aren’t allowes to be seen together in school, so i was hiding from the principal acting like i didnt even know my ex was there. So then i am in my house and he texts me but im not responding cuz I’m not exactly sure how to tell him no. He was emotionally abusive and controlling when we dated and when we argued, i wld literally sit there and just not know what to say and just give in to what he wanted, which kinda reminds me of how we sort of get together again in my dream….

  • Brendan

    I dream about my ex all the time. We broke up over two years ago but we’re together for over two years. I was terrible to her but I loved her and still do
    It’s so frustrating I just want to move on but I can’t and it’s hurting me.
    We are friends now but we just say hi. Maybe I should just ignore her??