12 Excuses Guys Will Give You For Not Wearing A Condom

For some reason, there are a lot of dudes in this world who seem to have a personal vendetta against condoms. I don’t know, I guess they just really like getting girls pregnant and spreading STDs? That’s really the only reason I can think of as to why a guy, or any person for that matter, wouldn’t want to wear a condom during sex.

As we’ve said here many times before, condoms are the only form of birth control that protect you against both getting pregnant and contracting an STD or STI. Condoms are completely necessary, especially if you’re having casual sex. We’re all reminded of this all the time, yet guys out there are still constantly making excuses as to why they can’t wear a condom. Honestly? It’s annoying, not to mention repetitive. And no matter which of these excuses you hear, I can almost guarantee that it’s a lie and something you shouldn’t listen to. So, to warn you, here are 12 excuses guys will give for not wearing a condom. We’re calling BS – and you should too.

Have you ever heard any of these excuses? What other excuses have you heard that aren’t on here? Which is the worst? Tell me in the comments.


10 lies guys will probably always tell you

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  • Lee

    A guy once tried to tell me he didn’t need a condom because he’s “mildly infertile, very low chance”. He’s 22. So I asked him how he found out. “A test”. You’re 22, it’s not like you’ve been planning starting a family. Why were you tested? “All the men in my family have it.”
    Infertility… runs in your family? Righto. Blocked. I don’t want to talk to men I can’t trust.

  • alexk9

    I’m a guy. It’s not that you don’t feel anything… it’s that you feel much much much less. Sometimes the stimulation isn’t enough to hold an erection. So I only really enjoy sex when I’m in a relationship… masturbation is always better than sex with a condom.

  • Davis love 3

    Seriously, if you are so easy that you can’t wait for an std test, or be sure of the guysreal iintention, you are having sex like an animal.

    No 1 is pure bullshit. My ex wife refused to take the pill. Condoms for 7 years.

    Sometimes you don’t know if youre in or out. I’m almost at the point where I’d rather not have sex than wrap up in latex. It IS less enjoyable, by’ several miles. Imagine your clitoris covered in cling film.

    I’m astounded these days buy the selfishness of women, and their general lack of morals and respect for sex. If youre having one nigh stands and can’t wait for you to work out a method of protecteion I.e a joint std test + pill, coil or cap, then you are clearly way to easy and need to work on your self esteem.

    Women that sleep with men without doing STD checks or proper investigation of their needs and future plans are slags who deserve eveeverything they get.

  • Jar

    The author claims that there is a “study” that proves men are lying. Yet the author does not link to any such study. The closest thing she links to is another article that spreads the same unsubstantiated claim. The only liar, it would appear, is the author of this article!

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  • Jacob

    If a guy is too big for a condom which can fit my arm you RUN.

  • Chase

    I love how women think they know what we can or cannot feel with our dicks pretty amusing.

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  • garrett

    actually with a condom on i only feel the intial entry after that its nothing at all. Sometimes it just feels like its in the air, so that is not always a lie.