10 Moments From Hocus Pocus That Changed My Life

Every Halloween there are a few movies that I have queued up on my must watch list. It should be needless to say that Hocus Pocus is one of them. I’ve been watching this movie on Disney Channel every year since I was a little kid, and it honestly never gets old.

This movie is formative because, believe it or not, it taught me a lot about sex. Yeah, this comedy horror movie gave me my first acknowledgement of virginity, presented me with one of the first scenes that I’ve ever realized was vaguely sexual and showed me that corsets are essential if I want my boobs to look as amazing as Sarah Jessica Parker’s some day.

Here are 10 moments from Hocus Pocus that changed my life and probably changed yours, too.


What were your favorite Hocus Pocus moments? What other movies do you have to watch on Halloween? Tell us in the comments!


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  • DaynaMarie

    It’s great to know that I’m not alone in the weird Thackery Binx crush club. XD

    I also had a bit of a crush on Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There’s just something oddly appealing about snarky black cats.

    • I might have to do a roundup of fictional cats we’re weirdly attracted to…

  • Talia

    Oh it was always the first one for me… That was so risqué in my eyes HAHAHA

    • Probably because it’s so candid! I still think it’s a little steamy…for Disney, at least.