10 Weird, Random Vagina and Period Products You Can Find On The Internet

Today, while innocently browsing the Internet, I came across this American Apparel Period Power Washed Tee. The shirt is a depiction of a finger touching a vagina that is bleeding because whoever it belongs to has their period. It includes pubic hair and red blood and nail polish and yes, it is that detailed.

While I have absolutely no shame in menstruation or periods, I do think this shirt is a little bit unnecessary. I get it – it’s supposed to be a message of female empowerment. And of course I want young girls to feel empowered and not embarrassed by their periods, but still – does it need to be spelled out this way on a t-shirt? Think about it this way: if a dude wore a shirt with a penis doing, uh, stuff on it, would that be a message of male empowerment or would it be creepy, gross and perverted? 

I would never wear this, but if you would, well… more power to ya, I guess. This shirt reminded me that, if you look hard enough, you can find other things on the Internet that are decorated with menstruation things and vaginas. Graphic things. Things that you wouldn’t wear around your grandma. Here are 10 weird and random vagina and period products out there.

Which one of these products did you think was the weirdest? Would you buy any of these? Which was your favorite? Tell me in the comments.


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  • julia frent
  • All-Mai

    I am 13 years old and I haven’t had my period, should I be worried?

    • Emily

      Nope, periods can start from anytime in your teen years, I happened to get mine at 11 (2yrs ago)

      • Dawn

        Don’t worry, until you’re healthy and have no incredible unknown pain, I think it’s just your body going by it’s own rythme 😉 My aunt had her period at 9 years old and her daughter too, but my mother had it at 15 and I had it at the same age… As your growth depends on your genetic, if puberty’s something that came late for the women of your family, it’s possible it’ll be the same for you. (Be happy, even if it’s not shameful and kinda cool to know you can give life, you’ll have enough time to know the ”joy” of periods later 😉 😛 )

  • Ally

    I am 13 years old and haven’t had my period, should I be worried?

  • Nia

    I hate to be that girl, but there is a lot of period shaming in this post. I commend you for having the guts to post these products on the website, be couldn’t we do without the “period blood is gross” vibe? It’s just a period, most females experience them, and their completely natural. Let’s teach our girls that there is nothing gross, disgusting, or shameful about menstruation, and then we can teach the world.

    • neha

      Just like there isn’t anything gross or disgusting about urine and faeces? Bodily functions, whether gross or not, are private and should be kept that way.

    • Rhian

      Also, wouldn’t want go put the vibe out there to drink it… :s

    • Emily

      There is a lot of period shaming in this post. We get hate enough from misogynists. We don’t need girl hate, too.

      • Hannah

        The hate isn’t toward the idea of feminity, hability to give birth or not, or amazing body functions… Blood is blood, and genitals are genitals, I will never wear a penis hat or something that pictures a hairy bleeding foot. That’s the reason why women AND men wear pants, skirts, diapers, sparkling tutus and everything you want, private parts are not the first thing I wanna see when I quietely take a walk in a park.
        Oh, and I won’t either make a cupcake supposed to look like fresh semen, that doesn’t mean I hate men. (If you respond me that it’s not the same thing, I’ll be desappointed to have to remember what equality is…)

    • Haven

      I completely agree. There is nothing gross about a period, or the female reproductive system, which is the whole point of the products that are in this article. I’m so sick of crap like this.

  • YuiGyaruRamen

    I want the first and last product. xD