#SingleBecause: The 15 Worst and Most Ridiculous Reasons You’re Single On Twitter

The hashtag #SingleBecause is a really popular trending topic on Twitter. I see it pop up once every few weeks and it’s almost always at the top of the list. In fact, I’ve rounded up the best #SingleBecause tweets in the past. Those reasons include wanting to be happy on your own before you’re with another person and jokes about ignoring chain e-mails. In other words, pretty legit reasons for being single. 

But just as there are plenty of great tweets in the #SingleBecause hashtag, there are also plenty of bad ones. Being single doesn’t mean you’re an unattractive loser. It shouldn’t be something you’re embarrassed of… but judging from these tweets, you would never know that. So, here are 15 of the worst #SingleBecause tweets – or, in other words, reasons you need to completely ignore.


There is no reason to beat yourself up for being single! It doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of attention – it just means you haven’t found the right person yet.


Oh, hi stereotypical nice guy. OR MAYBE we just want a guy we care about and genuinely like, rather than just liking whoever likes us. Ever think of that?


You’re not single because you’re ugly or fat. Don’t even… don’t think this, let alone tweet it.


Get some confidence, girls! Who says you’re not good enough for someone?!


Assuming an entire gender is exactly the same might be the reason you’re single. I hear people don’t appreciate that.


You’re not pathetic! Don’t give up!


I mean… guys. I’m a fan of Justin Bieber, but please don’t make him your reason for being single.


This is very amusing but also probably not the best way to look at all relationships.


I don’t know, I feel like there have to be some other reasons out there besides these.


GUYS. Stop saying stuff like this! Confidence is SO important when trying to meet someone. Saying “I’m ugly” or “no one will ever like me” is never going to attract people!


You can’t think this way! Going into dating with this mindset will practically ensure that you’ll never trust anyone.


This sort of sums up what everyone on Twitter is saying and it just makes me shake my head.


More “nice guys!” Yes, girls hate when you treat them right. Exactly. How did you know?


So where did this very scientific sounding statistic come from?


So, you’re single because you say stuff like this, right?


In conclusion…

Which one of these tweets did you think was the worst? Why are you single? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Lexxi

    The second one is actually so me… its absolutely terrible :/