7 Offensive Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Everyone says that Halloween is the one day of the year when you can wear whatever you want. And yeah, that’s true, but that’s not without consequences. What kind of consequences? Well, getting called out for wearing an offensive costume.

Halloween isn’t an excuse to be a jerk and parade around perpetuating stereotypes. I don’t know about you, but on Halloween I like to have fun, not feel uncomfortable after seeing somebody wearing blackface or cringe at somebody’s attempt to dress up as a sexy Native American. Vlogger Chescaleigh made a great video all about offensive Halloween costumes that sums this up pretty well:


Sure, not everybody is going to be offended, even people who represent the group being parodied in costume. But why risk offending anybody at all? There are a ton of costumes that can be seen as offensive, from dressing as a redneck to a gypsy and everything in between; way too many to include in a single post. But here’s a roundup of 7 offensive Halloween costumes that I always see girls rocking year after year. Avoid these costumes at all costs!

What offensive costumes have you seen people wear? Would you ever call out a friend who wants to wear a costume that could be considered insensitive? Tell us in the comments!

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  • crewldude

    More moronic PC liberal BS. People need to grow up…you’re not in your safe space anymore.

  • Jody Sue Pratt

    some people need to get the stick out of their butts- It is Halloween— YOu can dress up anyway you want- all those are not scary and Halloween should all BE scary if you are going to celebrete the NON CHristain Holiday.. I would like to see more dress up like Jesus and Angels then go door to door…

  • Katie Waller Rogers

    Why would you assume he can’t name any facts about Gandhi, why is it wrong for him to emulate someone in a way that does not in any way demean or insult Gandhi himself, or his cultural identity?
    This woman is awfully unintelligent, and doesn’t seem to grasp the absolute irony in her presentation of her arguments.
    How racist can you get, assuming that just because there wasn’t mass enslavement of white women, that they don’t have hardships or difficult backgrounds of their own. All kinds of oppression and maltreatment of countless ethnic backgrounds have happened all around the world, and it would be impossible to be aware of all of them. Just because the enslavement of Africans is the most recognized and discussed example of slavery here in America, it does not mean it is the only example. Could this woman be a little more ignorant? Doubtful.

  • Katie Waller Rogers

    She is literally doing the same thing by dressing up as a caucasian woman and donning a valley girl accent and airhead mannerisms… except it is far worse than the examples she discusses, because it is done with malicious/cruel intent. White does not equal the absence of race, btw. Hypocrisy is this girl’s middle name.

  • Uhh

    I can’t believe people are offended so easily. Maybe they are just poking fun at those that obviously have NO SENSE OF HUMOR.

  • Julie

    I agree with most of the attempts to mock people for their ethnicity should not even be considered a Halloween costume. However a few costumes like an Indian princess or geisha girl is seen as beautiful I don’t think it’s a mockery to admire beauty of different races. If that were so you’d have to add belly dancers, vampires, witches, genies, because they are too controversial. As long as there is thought and effort put into your Halloween costume and not just slopping on face paint to offend other people it’s about having fun and for one night letting go of your own identity to see what it feels like to be someone else. Also zombie makeup could be considered offensive because it disrespects the dead that would exclude lots of fun costumes so just be considerate and don’t mock other people.

  • Storm

    I thought this an informative video. People sometimes need to see how there actions really look to the outside world. It may seem funny but at the end of the day it rude.