Reader Hookup Confession: We Almost Got Caught Having Sex At A Church!

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

Oh my lord, I am still hitting myself for letting my boyfriend convince me to do this. Okay, so one day we were at church together and we were supposed to hang out afterwards. Well, while we were there, we started to get bored, so somehow we managed to sneak out without raising any red flags. As soon as we got outside, my boyfriend pulled me into the bushes in front of the church. He convinced me to hook up with all of his “it’ll be fun” and “we won’t get caught” statements.

So, we were having sex at a church (!!) and when my bra came off, it somehow got caught at the edge of the bushes. Of course, someone had to walk by right then… they were like, “what the hell? Why is a random bra here, this is a church! This is a classy and sophisticated establishment!” and he kept on ranting to his wife. The whole time that was happening, my boyfriend was on top of me with his hand over my mouth making a shushing gesture. We were both praying they wouldn’t go into the bush, but thankfully, they didn’t. I guess God was on our side at that point, which is weird because I’m an atheist. Anyway, eventually, they left and he rolled off of me and we both just burst out laughing. Church is now an inside joke for us.

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  • MK

    Lmfao, this is hilarious because me and my boyfriend did the same thing

  • San

    Atheist or not, disrespectful! -_-

  • Vianney Pinto

    In a Church?
    gosh…humanity destroyed 😛

  • Starr

    Emily Star, here’s a few things:

    1) do not name call anyone because it can hurt people’s feelings
    2) bob wilson was being sarcastic & probably since you’re 14, you don’t understand that

    Please spread love, not hate. Thanks

  • laura

    Wow. Emily Star just told you, girl. 😛

  • Emily Star

    If you were an athiest why were you at church?

    Also, bob wilson, she never said if she was proud. She, in fact, said that she was not.

    I’m 14. Read between the lines, idiot.

    • Mandy

      Emily Star, read between Bob Wilson’s lines. He/she was probably being sarcastic.
      Although I must ask, why was an ATHIEST at a church.
      If you wrote this hook up story, please reply. It’s anonymous.

      • Mandy

        Oops. I’m 14 as well. (Some how I forgot to include my age)

  • bob wilson

    Wow, you must be very proud of yourselves.