Would You Rather: Halloween Costume Edition

What Halloween costume would you rather be stuck with?

What Halloween costume would you rather be stuck with?

Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween this year? I just figured mine out the other day (’80s business woman, get ready for it) and I’m psyched. But I know that it can be tough to figure out what to be when there are so many amazing options. Should you go with your favorite book character? That indie actress from the 1960s that none of your friends would recognize? The same thing you’ve been for the past five years? Will you decide to actually make your costume this year?

Well, what if you had to choose between two random and, possibly, undesirable options for you Halloween costume? Well, that’s what you’re going to do in this edition of Would You Rather! Take our poll and decide which Halloween costume you’d rather rock this year.



What was your best Halloween costume? Is there one that you regretted? Tell us in the comments!

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