Roundup: 10 Of The Dumbest Scary Movies Ever

There aren’t many things in this world that are better than watching a scary movie that is so terrible that it is hilarious. It makes sleepovers more fun and crappy days a little more cheerful. Watching clip after clip on YouTube is a great way to waste even more time on the Internet than you already do.

If you’re not into watching movies that are actually scary around Halloween, check out these 10 dumb scary movies to watch this Halloween. Seriously, they’re so bad they’re good.


Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Okay, to be fair I’m pretty sure that this is supposed to be a funny movie. But giant tomatoes…

Killer Clowns From Outer Space

Clowns are creepy enough without adding the homocidal alien factor. But this movie has enough terrible one liners to give it a secure spot on this list for generations to come.

Halloween 5

Why Halloween 5, out of all the other Halloween movies? Well, purely because there is a scene where Michael Meyers walks in on this couple having sex in a barn and proceeds to skewer the guy with a giant rake.

Leprechaun In The Hood

Okay, aside from being offensive and ridiculous, can we please talk about the fact that this lephrechaun is the same dude who plays Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter movies? From Hogwarts to the Hood in under 30 straight-to-DVD seconds.

Megashark Vs. Giant Octopus

Yeah, Sharknado is still getting a lot of buzz right now, but nothing beats Megashark Vs. Giant Octopus for this scene alone.


I’m honestly not sure what’s scarier: The hobgoblins or the cheesy ’80s dialogue.

Troll 2

Okay, after watching this clip do I have to explain why this movie deserves to be on this list.

The Wicker Man

Nic Cage at his best. Watch this collection of choice clips from this movie and then tell me why Nic Cage still gets acting gigs.

Santa’s Slay

I watched this with my friend at a sleepover years ago and I will never forget it. Seriously, you have to watch this movie. It is so hilariously terrible that you’ll never see Santa the same way again.

Gingerdead Man

Killer gingerbread man. I have no words.


What are some other awful scary movies?  Would you rather watch a funny scary movie or a scary movie that is actually horrifying? Tell us in the comments!

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