You Oughta Know: 8 Easy DIY No Sew Halloween Costume Tutorials From YouTube

We all want our Halloween costumes to be as unique as possible, but this can be pretty tough when every tutorial we find requires a sewing. I don’t know about you, but while I have really basic sewing skills (and I mean basic), I’d rather not sew something unless I really need to. Some scissors, a hot glue gun and some ingenuity are my preferred DIY tools.

So if you’re like me and you want to create some easy DIY costumes or costume accessories without spending a lot of money on them or finding a “how to sew” tutorial first, check out these 8 tutorial videos from vloggers who have some no sew tricks of the trade!


ThreadBanger – Cleopatra Costume

This channel has a TON of different tutorials, including a lot of last minute Halloween costume ideas and more ambitious projects. But this Cleopatra tutorial just takes some fabric, glue, paint, rhinestones and a little creativity. There are a good amount of steps but it is a very easy tutorial.

YouTube: ThreadBanger

Twitter: ThreadBanger
Facebook: ThreadBanger
Tumblr: ThreadBanger

TheSorryGirls – DIY Minnie Mouse

This duo does a ton of different costume tutorials, including a few no sew ones like the video above. They also have some pretty impressive looking Disney princess costumes that you might want to check out if you’re a Disney junkie.

YouTube: TheSorryGirls
Twitter: TheSorryGirls
Facebook: TheSorryGirls

Bethany Mota – Red Riding Hood Cape

This girl is crafty. Seriously, this little red riding hood cape tutorial is great for a bunch of different costumes, like a Hogwarts cloak or a super hero cape. She also has a great tutorial for a Mad Hatter hat that looks pretty impressive despite how cheap and easy it was to create. She has a bunch of other tutorials worth checking out, too, including a recent Despicable Me Minions tutorial!

YouTube: MacBarbie07
Twitter: MacBarbie07
Tumblr: Bethanynoelmota
Instagram: Bethanynoelm

Tracey Nguyen – DIY No Sew Toga

Probably the easiest tutorial of this list. Seriously. If you wait until the very last minute to get a costume together, definitely follow this tutorial. You can probably whip this up in your dorm room in under two minutes.

YouTube: TraceyNguyen
Twitter: TraceyNguyen
Instagram: TraceyNguyen18


Clothes Encounters – Lumpy Space Princess From Adventure Time

This tutorial is so simple! All you need is a hot glue gun, some purple fabrics and a whole lot of sass–I mean, if you’re going to dress up as LSP you better bring on the sass. Clothesencounters also has some other great DIY posts, last minute Halloween ideas and clothes hauls to check out!

YouTube: ClothesEncounters
Twitter: Imjennim
Facebook: TheClothesEncounters
Instagram: Imjennim
Tumblr: ClothesEncounters


RCLBeauty – Dead Simple Mario/Luigi DIY Costume

RCL Beauty has a lot of makeup tutorials, but this Luigi one was too simple to ignore. It’s no sew and the only things you really need are a printer, some tape or glue and some green (or red, if you are more of a Mario girl) clothing. This is a no fail tutorial that you’ll love if you’re in a pinch.


YouTube: RCLBeauty101
Twitter: RCLBeauty101
Facebook: RCLBeauty101
Instagram: RCLBeauty101


LaVidaAlvita – Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tutorial

Okay, this is really rad. This is really cute and simple and can be sexed up or down. Get some pizza, grab your friends and pay homage to a classic cartoon from your childhood.

Youtube: LaVidaAlvita
Twitter: LaVidaAlvita
Facebook: La Vida Alvita
Instagram: la_vida_alvita

GlitterForever17 – Katy Perry Roar Music Video DIY Costume!

This video starts off as a makeup tutorial but ends with some quick and easy instructions for a “Roar” inspired costume. This look could also work for any other tropical themed costume. Glitter17 has a bunch of different costume tutorials and DIYs that almost always come with a makeup tutorial as well, so if you want to get your whole look in one video, check out the rest of her looks!

Youtube: Glitterforever17
Twitter: Glitter4Ever17
Facebook: GlitterForever17
Instagram: Glitterforever17

Do you usually buy your costumes or make them yourself? Do you have a costume budget? Tell us in the comments!

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