8 Signs Your Friendship Is Over

When you’ve been in a romantic relationship for a long time, it can be really difficult to realize when things need to end for good. The same goes for platonic friendships. When you’ve been comfortable with a best friend for so long, realizing that things aren’t working out anymore is tough. A friend breakup is sad and something that most people will put off for as long as possible. After all, none of us enjoy when things end.

But the hard truth is that things do end and sometimes that includes best friendships. Of course, some conflicts can and should be resolved, but sometimes friends grow apart no matter how close they once were… and that can’t always be resolved. In those cases, it’s best to end things than to keep dragging it out. Think this is happening in your life? Here are 8 signs your friendship is over.

Do you think one of your friendships is ending? How do you know when a friendship is over? Tell us your story in the comments.


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  • Patrice

    I live on the west coast and she lives on the east coast. We’ve been best friends since middle school. She can go months without calling. When I call her she’ll talk for a while but she’s always trying to end the call. She sent me a text to say Merry Christmas one time. A text, really. It just seems that I’m constantly having conversations regarding her not calling or what it means to be a best friend. She says she does not like talking on the phone, or she’s tired all the time. Our lives have gone in different directions. I have been blessed with some success (financial) in my life and she is struggling to make ends meet. Some times I feel she has a problem with my success. This sounds like to me the relationship is over…

  • just. me

    He had lived with me and my husband for almost three years a few things has happen that made it close to be friends with benefits. He has come in over the years and said he was going to move out but never did not sure if bc plans fell threw or the shape my relationship with my husband was getting a little to violent abd he was.staying to protect me and my three year old who has never new a day when he had not lived here but ab a month ago he came in and said tomorrow I’m moving out and he did at first i wouldn’t see him at lest a few times a day but now it’s like we never knew one another he was my best friend my protector my sholder to cry on and now nothing idk what happen if i did or what but the only one true friend i thought i had is just gone

  • 1D luver @_~!!

    i have two signs only! 1) awkward silences I mean like it’s getting boring when we sit togother I feel like there is nothing to talk about!!! N even my friends have been telling me U R so weird N quite these days! N i know that 2) I love to hangout with diffrent friends everyday I don’t mean like I forget my old friends, NO i just like to high5 all of them and have a laugh with them N that’s all ! but I’m not giving up!

  • Zahira zahir

    I feel much better now thnx

  • jane

    I knew my friendship was over, because we had a huge fight, but i didnt realise iys been over for more than a YEAR!

  • Becca

    thanks, this really helped me right now :)