10 Reasons I Love Having Guy Friends

Today while browsing the internets, I happened across an article that really irked me. I don’t get physically angry too often, but I did when I saw this article titled “Every Time You Say ‘I Have More Guy Friends Because I Hate Drama,’ My Soul Dies.” It’s one of the silliest things I think Cosmo has published, and that is saying a lot.

But this was full of snarking on girls who have more guy friends than girls because the author thinks that ALL girls who say this are basically awful human beings. To quote, she says “you are literally Voldemort.” It’s complete with TWO examples of women she knew who were guys’ girls, so that totally means every girl who has a lot of guy friends is also He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

I was really upset by this because I am a guys’ girl. I grew up around guys because that’s the environment I was surrounded by. Sure, I had some girlfriends. But the majority of my friends were guys until I got to college and joined a sorority. Even then, I still had a ton of guy friends. And now as an adult, a lot of my super close friends are guys.

I think it’s really unfair to say that girls who have more guy friends are these awful traitors. It’s not true. You can have a lot of girlfriends and still be worthy of a Dark Mark. So here are some reasons why I love my guy friends.

There is, indeed, less drama. I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that girls are dramatic, but I just really don’t fight with my guy friends. Like, ever.

There’s none of this.

They don’t get mad at me for things they heard happened. They actually ask about it first.

They look out for my safety. My guy friends always make sure I get home safely or willing to step in and get a creepy dude away from me.

They’re willing to defend my honor and don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I have a lot of girlfriends that will not stick up for me or anyone else if it makes them look bad.

They give big bear hugs.

lilo and stitch hug

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They’re always happy to help me. I asked some girlfriends to help me move something and received laughter in response. My guy friends came over to help right away.

They give great insight into the male psyche.

They listen and give solid, honest advice even if it’s not what you want to hear.

In conclusion, I love my girlfriends. But I also love my guy friends. That doesn’t make me awful.

Do you think you have more guy friends than girlfriends? What do you think about girls who do? Tell us in the comments!

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  • DreamOn

    as a girl i read this article of Cosmo online and i was just like “oh my god?why would you say sommething like that….at first i felt guilty because its true i have more guy friends than girls(it was not really a choise it just happened).i felt ashamed but then i realised…hey its not me who does thes things(the things in the exampleS) and even if i did who is this person to judge me?She talks about girls with guy friends like they are all whores and only because of !!2!! examples that have happened in her life!WTF?!!! these people shouldnt be given the chance to publish such things…..

  • Jay

    Either you are playing dumb or you are in denial…

    The behaviors of the guy “friends” you just described are typical of a guy who really wants to bang the girl. Guys don’t do those things for each other. They also wouldn’t just do that for all the girls they know. They do that specifically for girls they want to sleep with.

    When they give “advice” on the guys you are dating they have ulterior motives. They are not giving straight forward advice, but instead trying to put out ways to make the other guy look bad so you will leave him or run into the arms of your “friend” instead. This is not a real friendship. It’s a front guys put on in the hopes of getting with you one day. You probably don’t realize your guy friends will behave different when he’s just hanging with the guys and you aren’t around.

    • Anand Jain

      Im a guy and i have many friends who are girls and NO i dont think of banging them . LoL .. You’re seriously misguided or have met only assholes. REAL MEN DO EXIST and they treat with women with respect and not thinking 24/7 of ways to get her in bed. Eeww.. I have my gf for that.. 😀 .. I liketo be friends with girls becuase they are HUMAN beings and not becuase they have a Vagina. Damnn… Lol …

  • Anonymous

    In my experience, when girls say this they are desperate for attention and hate girls because they see them as competition and they are sloots.

  • NorthStarSea

    Sherlock fangirl moment…..

  • nadyjls

    In my life my only reals friens are guys, (i’ve girls friends too) but with staying with guys il always funnier! They’re amazing (only if they’re reals friends ahaha 😀

  • Faith


  • Katherine

    my best friend is a guy and he’s the best!

  • Jess

    Omg thank you for writing this post !! I’m like you I have heaps of guy friends, I love my girlfriends and my guy friends 🙂