10 Cute Fall Outfits Inspired By Our Favorite Rugrats Characters

With the change of seasons comes many new outfit ideas. I’ve been showing you guys a bunch of different choices (see here, here, herehere and here), but I’m going to show you more because… I don’t know, it’s always good to have options, right? I know that for me, the more outfits I see, the more inspired I get to pair my clothes with different items to make unique combos. It’s fun!

Also, I really wanted an excuse to do something with the Rugrats characters. I’m not a huge fan of cartoons outside of Disney movies, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Rugrats. I used to watch the show obsessively with my brother and sister and we found it endlessly entertaining. I never thought I would be taking style inspiration from a bunch of babies, but if it works, it works, right? Here are 10 cute fall outfit ideas that are perfect for school based on 10 of my favorite Rugrats characters. Click on the images for more information on the clothing pictured.


Tommy Pickles

tommy pickles outfit ideas

This is simple, yet still cute. The dinosaur necklace makes this all about Tommy.


Angelica Pickles

angelica pickles outfit ideas

Be brave and layer a shirt under your dress! It’s totally Angelica Pickles.


Chuckie Finster

chuckie finsterIf you can pull off neon green jeans, you might as well go all out with even brighter accessories.


Lil and Phil DeVille 


Sweatshirts can be cute! Especially when you pair them with bright accessories and jeans.


Dil Pickles


This bright outfit is guaranteed to make you smile even when you’re having a bad day.


Kimi Finster


Dress down a fancy peplum top with adorable cowboy boots for a totally unique outfit.


Susie Carmichael


Sometimes you just need something simple and comfortable, right? That’s this outfit. The pop of red makes it a little bit more fun.


Stu Pickles

stu pickles

This menswear-inspired look is perfect for school, with or without the blazer.


Didi Pickles


Maxi dresses aren’t just for summer and spring! With the long sleeves, this one is guaranteed to keep you warm.


Elizabeth DeVille 


These space-inspired sneakers make this comfy, casual outfit so much more fun.


Which of these outfits is your favorite? Which Rugrats character is your favorite? Who do you want to see outfits inspired by? Tell me in the comments.


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