What It’s Really Like When Your Favorite TV Show Ends

In case any of you haven’t been on the Internet for the past two weeks, the show Breaking Bad had it’s series finale last night. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad myself (I KNOW. I’m going to very soon I swear), but I can totally empathize when my friends who are legit depressed because their favorite show will no longer be putting out new episodes. In short, it sucks.

Once you get into a TV show, you don’t only like watching it – you start to develop a sort of connection with the characters. You feel for them. You talk about them like they’re real. You get more excited about staring at them for an hour on your television than you do about seeing actual friends in real life. Dramatic? Maybe. But as any TV addict knows, it happens. The day my favorite show in the world, Gilmore Girls, ended, I cried so hard my mom thought something awful was happening to me.

So for those of you mourning the loss of Breaking Bad (no spoilers in the comments please!) or just those of you who are upset about the ending of any show, this is for you… what it’s really like when your favorite TV show ends. Sigh. This might get emotional.


You find a TV show that you’re totally obsessed with.

cat computer gif


You look forward to it every week.

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It makes you laugh, cry and feel so many feels.

feels gif


You binge watch it whenever possible.

spongebob gif


These characters are, like, better than your actual friends… maybe.

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You talk about the show with anyone who will talk back to you about it.

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Then… it happens. You find out that there’s only going to be one more season.

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What are you supposed to do when it ends?!

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What will you watch?!!?

sad gif


Okay, you won’t focus on that now. You’ll enjoy it while you can.

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As the end gets closer, the dread gets worse.

panic gif


The episodes feel like they’re getting shorter. Are they getting shorter?



The day of the final episode, you feel anxious.

aladdin gif


It’s all you talk about.

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You make Facebook statuses and tweet about how sad you’re going to be later.

crying gif



emotions gif


When it’s over, you’re kind of in shock.

why gif


So… that was it? Now what?

what if gif


What will you do without your favorite characters?

lonely gif


No one understands your pain. People think you’re crazy for crying like a maniac.



The day after, you’re dazed. Did that really happen? Is the show really over? 

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You read everything you can about the finale online just to feel closer to the show.

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You don’t understand how the rest of the world is going about like nothing happened when OMG DO THEY EVEN WATCH TV how are they functioning?!  

sigh gif


You’re sad but eventually you move on…

hanna gif


…to another favorite show. Annnnnd the cycle begins again.


night cheese


Do you watch Breaking Bad? Which favorite show of yours ended recently? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Hafsa Ch

    I just finished gossip girl it hurts 🙁

  • dogpop5

    Gravity falls… no….*does all the steps* new show… my little pony!!!!

  • awesomejellystar

    Also Black Rock Shooter. I sing the theme song always. Black Rock Shooter doko e itta no? Kikouemasuka?

  • awesomejellystar

    Noragami. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I LOVED U YUKINE!!!!!!!!!

  • kamar

    Phinase and ferb ending made me cry not bc its ending but that show was all i watcheched. i remebered sitting down on my moms bed 7 years ago bouncing up and down wait for the new episode. That show is why i started attepting to build things like my boxing set.

  • John Deida

    Spartacus! I knew how it was going to end but it still mad me sad, and left me wanting more. I wish the historical outcome had been different. Death to Rome!!!