Gurl Horoscopes October 2013


This is the month the Sun travels through your sign. You are in your power. Life may just bring you one of your soul mates. Romance, beauty, art and peaceful surroundings are all in the cards for you. Anything that feels off should be left behind. You are building your life one decision at a time. Always choose the path that uplifts and encourages you to be who you are. It’s nice to be considerate of others, but love of yourself should be your first priority. Everything else will fall into place. Celebrate you this month! Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day.

Halloween Costume: The Mona Lisa, for the artist in you

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  • VanityandFame

    my bf is an ass. just thought id throw that out there. completely irrelevant but i dont give a damn

  • TS

    This horoscope so far fits my life. I have this guy from sports who seems to like me and he always likes to scare me in different way but lately the way he scares me have gotten a bit more physical (like a surprise hug). He has never done that before.

  • lo

    i simply love your horoscopes!!