Gurl Horoscopes October 2013


I bet you love the new Katy Perry song “Roar”. It captures your essence rather perfectly. You often start out in life not wanting to rock the boat or deal with anything unpleasant, but to step fully into your own shows you are just going to have to do a little roaring. Flattery will get you nowhere. It is your authentic opinion that matters most. If you try to be someone you are not, you will feel resentful and angry and all your sunshiny qualities will dim. When you have the chance to be honest remember it’s worth it in the long-term. Let them hear your roar!

Halloween Costume: A lion, duh!

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  • VanityandFame

    my bf is an ass. just thought id throw that out there. completely irrelevant but i dont give a damn

  • TS

    This horoscope so far fits my life. I have this guy from sports who seems to like me and he always likes to scare me in different way but lately the way he scares me have gotten a bit more physical (like a surprise hug). He has never done that before.

  • lo

    i simply love your horoscopes!!