Gurl Horoscopes October 2013


Pluto, planet of regeneration, is in your opposite sign of Capricorn. This is ensuring that you become who you are meant to be. You may be called to step into a leadership position, which could be a cardinal sign that this really is where you belong in life. You are not the type to be told what to do, but are just fabulous at doing the telling. So embrace whatever changes are being forced on you right now. You certainly won’t regret it. You may be feeling a little self conscious, but you will soon feel like a natural in your new position. It really is a lucky break, even if you did not choose it consciously.

Halloween Costume: An astronaut, as you’re ruled by the Moon

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  • VanityandFame

    my bf is an ass. just thought id throw that out there. completely irrelevant but i dont give a damn

  • TS

    This horoscope so far fits my life. I have this guy from sports who seems to like me and he always likes to scare me in different way but lately the way he scares me have gotten a bit more physical (like a surprise hug). He has never done that before.

  • lo

    i simply love your horoscopes!!