Gurl Horoscopes October 2013

October is here, when many signs start to see a change in themselves with the change of the season. With this month’s horoscopes you can find out how to adjust your lifestyle to go along with the changes in your sign. Don’t worry, we’ll help you cope!

You’re also going to get a Halloween costume idea that matches your sign and its personality! We’ve only got four weeks to go, so start planning now before it’s too late.

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  • VanityandFame

    my bf is an ass. just thought id throw that out there. completely irrelevant but i dont give a damn

  • TS

    This horoscope so far fits my life. I have this guy from sports who seems to like me and he always likes to scare me in different way but lately the way he scares me have gotten a bit more physical (like a surprise hug). He has never done that before.

  • lo

    i simply love your horoscopes!!