Reader Hookup Confession: My First Time Having Sex Was In A Van And It Was Bad

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I always figured that my first time having sex would be awkward and kind of bad, but nothing like what it was really like. Ugh. Here goes…

I had just gotten back together with my ex-boyfriend a few months before. This turned out to be a huge mistake, but anyways, we had done pretty much everything except have actual sex. So, we decided it was time. We went to the park in his van and he took me into the backseat. We started messing around a little bit. He finally asked me if I would mind if he went a bit farther and I said I didn’t, so he got on top of me and… he missed. His thing hit my inner thigh and then he tried for about 20 more seconds before I eventually had to help guide it in.

It lasted for about 30 seconds and the entire time he was sweating and panting all over me. It was horrible. We broke up a few weeks later. Needless to say, I will take things a lot slower next time.

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  • Mistake

    Ugh! Guys ual first time wasnt that bad my firt time was with my stepdad!!! Nd lasted not even a minute! But now he goid at it so yea..

    • Tab

      That’s not sex, that’s statuary rape. You don’t have to do that and if you are a minor, it’s against the law. If this man is married to your mom, he shouldn’t want anything to do with you, please report him.

  • taleah

    I lost mine on the hood of my bfs car. Two of my very close friends were in the car. It was late in the evening and he was driving around 4 a wile and then decided to drive out of town and there was this very unused dirt road. We couldnt be seen anywhere else becoz he was much older and me and my frends r still in school. He didnt mind tht my frends were there. He kept eatin me out n fingerin me nd I wus so nervus wen he entered me but it felt good. It prolly wud hav been better if we had a place, but he wanted 2 do it real bad.