15 Unique and Homemade Halloween Costumes From Etsy

Every year, I make a promise that I won’t buy a Halloween costume from the store because I don’t want to look like every other girl out there on Halloween. But, every year, time runs out and I end up buying a Halloween costume from the store. Whomp, whomp. My ultimate dream is to one day make my own fabulous costume, but I actually don’t know how to sew or DIY very well, so… that might be out.

The next best thing is obviously buying homemade Halloween costumes from people who actually know how to make things. Etsy is the perfect place for this. If you’re looking for a unique Halloween costume that will impress all of your friends and ensure that you stand out (or maybe even win Best Costume!), look no further. These 15 picks from Etsy are all so cute, I don’t even know where to start!

Which one of these costumes is your favorite? Who do you want to be this Halloween? Have you ever been any of these things? Tell me in the comments.


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