10 Of Our Favorite Iconic Outfits From ’90s Movies

Sometimes the outfit that a character in a movie wears becomes more memorable than the movie itself. I can’t tell you too many details of My Date With The President’s Daughter, but I can absolutely tell you that that little pink dress she wore was amazing.

This is definitely the case when I look back at some of my favorite movies of the ’90s. Some of the outfits that my favorite leading ladies wear are just so iconic that they almost become the centerpiece of the film. Sure, the plot can be great and all too, but it’s those tacky nails and mini skirts that will really make a place for themselves in my sartorial memories.

Here are 10 of our favorite iconic looks from ’90s movies. Get ready for crop tops and a lot of frosted makeup.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Would you wear any of them today? Who did we forget? Will frosted lipstick make a comeback or will we band together to make sure that that never happens again? Tell us in the comments!

’90s Fashion Trends That Are Making Wicked Comebacks

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  • Erin

    COURTNEY in Jawbreaker. Shayne is her last name.