Would You Rather: Wardrobe Malfunction Edition

Flashing the world might be the least of your problems | Source: EW

Flashing the world might be the least of your problems. | Source: EW

We’ve all had our share of wardrobe malfunctions in our lifetimes. Unzipped pants, period stains, windy weather causing our skirts to have a mind of their own…we’ve all been there. But some of us are able to keep cool under pressure, while others are miserable about it for the rest of the day. I’ve realized that I’m surprisingly cool about my public wardrobe malfunctions, which have ranged from accidentally flashing all of the denizens of the subway to walking around with my blouse poorly buttoned and showing a whole lot of boob. But they’re still pretty damn terrible and super embarrasssing.

What fashion disaster would you rather deal with? Period stains or permanent camel toes? Take our Would You Rather poll and decide what embarrassing scenario you’d rather experience!


(Yes, I’m considering these two things wardrobe malfunctions.)


What is your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction or fashion disaster? Have you ever been forced to wear something awful? If the answer is no, consider yourself the luckiest person alive. Anyway, tell us what your stories in the comments!

Would You Rather: Movie Date Edition

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  • Marii

    On my first date with my boyfriend I wore a tight bra because..well..It made my boobs look good is guess haha. So half way through the date it, of course, snapped open in the back. I was wearing a pretty figure-hugging dress, so it was obvious what had happened. I was so embarrassed, but I played it off pretty well and we still laugh about it to this day.

  • jenny

    I went to school wearing a brand new bra and was on my way to my first lesson and the left strap snapped I had to walk around for 6 hours with practically no bra on 🙁

  • Lulu

    Forget about iPhone or Blackberry, Harry Potter and Twilight, Israel or Palestine.. Fanny pack or crocs is the hardest question ever!

  • IandMforeves

    I was in like….. Maybe in freshman year, and I was talking with my crush (that was the day he first asked me out) and I did not realize that I had a HUGE wet spot on my white shirt by the breast area, and I wore a bra neutral to my skin so he thought it was my boob so he said to me “Aren’t you being a sexy show of today?” I literally screamed! I looked down I was like, lemme go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a second. Terror!

  • BiancaXD

    Oh my God.

    Once my nan made me wear a toxic green long sleeved dress to school. For my Chistmas play. And it had a SNOWMAN ON THE FRONT. AND THE SONOWMAN WASNT EVEN CUTE.

    The horror……………….. everyone fond it hilarious.

    Baring in kind I was 15