10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Mathlete

As an English person myself, I’m very impressed by math-oriented people. I can do math and handle my finances just fine, but I just prefer words over numbers. One of my good friends is a total math genius, so I was always really impressed with her skills.

There are definitely tell-tale signs of what kind of subject you gravitate toward. English people are often really into reading and are more into history, while math people go hand-in-hand with science. Such is life! Here are 10 ways to tell if you’re a mathlete:

Math is your favorite subject.

You love numbers and they make sense to you.

There’s probably nothing you hate more than grammar.

Except when your friends correct your grammar in texts, but you’re all “I’m a NUMBERS person!”

You’re the designated bill-splitter and tip-calculator when you go out to eat.

Your friends always ask you for help on their math homework.

Solving problems is fun for you.

You’re a total whiz at budgeting.

Your calculator is customized to perfection.

But you don’t really need it because you’re a human calculator.

Are you a mathlete? What are some other tell-tale signs? If you’re not into math, what do you like? Tell us in the comments!

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