10 Underrated Coming-Of-Age TV Shows That We Love

I love coming-of-age stories to pieces. My favorite movies, books and TV shows are all, basically, tales about teens and young adults growing up, finding themselves and figuring out how to navigate this great, big world of ours. There is just something really special about these stories, especially when you’re busy trying to figure out what it means to grow up, too! And yeah, that doesn’t stop when you turn 18-years-old, believe me. I’m still on that weird journey to adulthood, too, and I still don’t really know what the hell I’m doing.

So I guess there is a sense of comfort in witnessing fictional characters who also don’t know what the hell they’re doing. When it comes to TV shows, it’s a more involved journey than in film, because we don’t just get an hour and a half to watch our protagonist figure it out. Instead, we get episode, after episode, after episode of angst, romance and drama to cull through. And it’s really fun.

Some TV shows in this genre are definitely more popular than others. Here are 10 underrated coming-of-age TV shows that you should definitely check out ASAP.



Which of these shows do you absolutely love? Do you hate any of them? Indifference is cool, too! Which coming-of-age shows do you think are underrated? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Yasmin

    This article is so accruate! Some of these shows were my all time favourites growing up, like Dead Like Me and My So Called Life – I could watch those shows over and over again and now I have some new ones to check out! Thanks! 🙂

  • Spider

    Man I was so excited to watch South of Nowhere but it was just too much to handle! It felt very stretched thin, like it was trying to cover too many issues at once. It was enjoyable, yeah but I couldn’t handle more than a few episodes. I need more good queer girl shows!

  • Amy

    Sugar Rush. Another British one on E4 that even most Brits haven’t heard of. And also one of the few films/tv shows that are better than the original book.

    • me

      Seconding this! Sugar Rush is fabulous, especially good if you’re a girl questioning your sexuality, but worth a watch even if you’re not.

  • Cat

    My Mad Fat Diary! Series 2 next year 🙂

  • anne

    i lovee my so called life, the story is really interesting and the writing is so good 🙂 Jared leto and claire danes in their younger days!! 😀

    Plus they touch upon important issues too.