When I Shave Down There, I Get Red Bumps – Why Is This Happening And How Can I Prevent It?

Hi Heather,

I am 14-years-old and I need your help. I recently started shaving my pubic hair because I am terrified of hair sticking out of my bikini. This past month, I have been getting little red spots down there like a day or two after I shave. They go away quickly but I’m freaked out and feel like I should talk to a doctor about how to prevent this from happening. The problem is that my mom doesn’t know that I shave down there. Also, I’m terrified of going to the doctor. Please help!

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about a trip to the doctor. It sounds like this is just a case of razor burn and you should be able to prevent it on your own without getting advice from a doctor. Those bumps you’re experiencing are really common – the area down there is very sensitive, so it’s very easy to irritate it. While you may not be able to get rid of them forever, there are definitely some steps you can take to try and prevent them in the future. 

First of all, pick the right time to shave. You shouldn’t be rushing – shaving too quickly down there can easily cause irritation. Take a hot shower beforehand. The warm water will help open the pores around your hair follicles, making it easier to shave. You should also be exfoliating the area before you start shaving. This is a pretty important step because it will clean the surface area.

When you’re actually shaving, make sure you use a sharp razor. Old, dull blades are much more likely to cause razor burn, little cuts and general irritation. As a rule of thumb, you should switch up your razor blades about every two weeks or every 5-10 shaves. Also make sure you are using a protective shave gel – no dry shaving or just using bar soap down there. Shave in the direction the hair grows and work slowly and carefully.

Lastly, you can prevent bumps and irritation by soothing the skin once you’re done. You can do that by rubbing a little coconut or baby oil on the area. Personally, I love Sally Hansen’s Zero Bumps Bikini Spray, because it smells like vanilla and makes the skin super soft – and it really does prevent bumps!

Doing all of these steps should definitely help you and make things better. If the bumps are very painful, oozing anything and don’t go away, go to a doctor. But if it’s just a case of irritation from shaving, a doctor really won’t be able to help.

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  • Anna

    You can shave depend on your hair growth. I had similar problem like razor burn intially, but my mom suggest me something, that worked for me very well and i don’t had problem with any razor burn.
    First always change your razor in 2 weeks. before use them always sanitized them with any anti bacterial solution. let them dry completely.
    Before start using any razor it’s better you use Scissors before to cut hair small. then shave them. After shaving i always clean area with face wash and dry them.
    Then next day i use to do waxing with veet or normal wax. clean area finally and apply almond oil and you are ready for 2 weeks. no hair grow until then. Now you have very small hair that you can clean again with wax. no need to use razor any more. I had no razor burn at all now.

  • roseyy

    How often should you shave ?

    • Liz

      roseyy, shave as often as you feel necessary! I’ve had some friends that do it every few weeks, because they don’t want to be “bald”, but still want to maintain it. I know others that dislike any hair down there and shave it much more frequently. People’s hair grows at different speeds, too, so some people’s hair grows back much faster/slower than others! It’s really a matter of personal preference!