10 Reasons Why Wearing A Bra Ain’t So Bad

Listen, I understand that bras can really suck. They’re expensive, they can look a little funky under our clothes and they shouldn’t be a requirement for all women to wear, especially if they’ve got a smaller bust going on. But honestly, most of the complaints I hear about bras are usually due to people having crappy bras that don’t fit properly!

As somebody with a larger bust, I actually think that the right bra can be really helpful in more ways than one. Here are 10 reasons why wearing a bra just ain’t so bad:


Making quick dashes is a lot more comfortable when my boobs aren’t flying all over the place.



For those of us with larger (i.e. saggier) breasts, we get some much needed lift.



It’s fun to pick out really nice bras in pretty colors and cuts.  Also, some lingerie is just straight up hot.


giphy (1)


They double as pockets for your phone, keys, money or even snacks. 



And they double as weapons, too, if needed.



Getting a bra that actually fits properly is pure bliss.



They’re useful if I want to wear a sheer top. The world really doesn’t need to see my nipples.



They can really change the way your clothes look and fit.



They’re pretty reliable because they can help keep your boobs warm when it’s cold out.



They’re the perfect excuse to bully boys who fumble when they try to undo them. Pfft, amateur. 




Are you cool with wearing bras? What do you look for in the perfect bra? Do you use your bra for any other useful things? Tell us in the comments!

10 Reasons Wearing A Bra Is The Worst

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  • Spider

    What I wouldn’t give to be like a b cup and be able to go braless. Alas I managed to end up with 34 DD, also known as the size they don’t make bras in :/
    Seriously finding a bra in my size is near impossible and always really expensive!

    • Lol

      Yeah? I’m twelve and a 10D.

    • Chris

      Small boobs don’t necessarily mean being able to go Braless. Inverted nipples, puffy nipples, or breasts that aren’t shaped like the social norm look terrible without bras regardless of size.

  • Lulu

    OMG the thumbnail – MAWARU PENGUINDRUM FOREVER!!!!!

  • Gorgeous Ty

    Don’t put your phone in your bra. I was watching this talk show and the doctor said never put your phone directly on your skin.

  • horsejumping

    I once used my bra to hold rabbit food