8 Foods and Drinks That Will Make PMS Symptoms Even Worse

As we all know, getting your period means also experiencing a whole bunch of unpleasant PMS symptoms. Whether it’s cramps, headaches, bloating, exhaustion or something else, it’s not fun. And just like there are things you can do to make those symptoms better or to prevent them completely, there are also some things you might be doing that are actually making them worse.

I’ve already given you guys a list of foods and drinks you should be eating/drinking when you have your period, so now I’m going to fill you in on the foods and drinks you should avoid during that time of the month. These things will only make your PMS symptoms worse, so consider this a fair warning. And don’t be bummed – it’s only once a month!

What other foods or drinks did I miss? Do you eat or drink these during your period? Tell me in the comments!


10 foods and drinks that will prevent PMS

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  • Emily

    Red meat? red meat is the best while you’re on your period because of the high iron content.

  • notallfoodisfried

    If not eating the foods on this list for one week means you’d be starving, you should seriously reevaluate your eating habits. Most of these are foods that should only be eaten in moderation, anyway.

    I disagree with the caffeine bit, as its anti-inflammatory benefits that can soothe cramps. Sure, it’s a diuretic, but drinking an extra glass or two of water will keep you from even noticing the minimal dehydration.

  • Alecia

    Sooo basically don’t eat on your period 🙁

  • Rachel

    so I can eat like nothing when i’m PMS ing!!!!!!!!!!

  • emma

    So, basically I should just not eat anything.

  • Abby3902

    So basically, starve yourself and you’ll be fine? Mhm. I’m sure being grouchy and hungry will make everything better.