Carly Aquilino & Jessimae Peluso From MTV’s Girl Code Tell Us Embarrassing Stories, Dating Advice & More!

I have had the opportunity to interview a lot of great celebrities over the last few years. But I think it’s safe to say that the interview I did with MTV Girl Code stars Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso is my favorite interview that I’ve ever done. Not only are these girls ridiculously hilarious (you already knew that), but they’re also super, super sweet. They complimented me, they participated in a mini photo-shoot with me and they made me laugh the entire time. I didn’t think it was possible to love them more, but I did afterwards.

But enough about me and my feelings. Carly and Jessimae partnered up with Olay Fresh Effects and their #nofilter campaign, which encourages girls to use #nofilter and always be themselves. I got to watch the girls film a really funny video for Olay (you can watch it below!) and also got to hang with them a bit to talk about their most embarrassing moments, their worst kiss stories, dating advice and season two of Girl Code. Check out the amazing interview below (if only I had this on video!):


First of all, why do you guys love being a part of the Olay Fresh Effects #nofilter campaign?
Jessimae: Well, I think it being about beauty is always fun as a girl. But also, it’s not just about makeup and the typical beauty stuff, it’s more about beauty from within.
Carly: Nobody’s trying to look perfect all the time. It’s just real people and their real experiences and that we can all laugh at ourselves at things that we do. And silly things that happen to us – we can embrace them instead of trying to act like they never happened.
Jessimae: Which they didn’t.
Carly: Which they never did.

How do you think girls should embrace the #nofilter campaign?
Jessiemae: I guess maybe it comes down to how you carry yourself in life. How you are in life and how you feel about yourself is important.
Carly: I think everyone should embrace themselves for who they are. I think that when you’re young, it’s hard to do that because you just want to look like whoever you see on TV or in the magazines and things like that. Everybody has little things about them that they might feel insecure about, but I think it’s all about embracing every part of you and all that you are.
Jessimae: That was really beautiful.

Carly aquilino and jessimae peluso

Myself with Carly and Jessimae.

How did you guys learn to embrace yourselves?
Jessimae: That’s still a daily thing. I’m still trying.
Carly: I look at myself in the mirror and I’m like, “you can do this. Look at that hair.”
Jessimae: I think it’s harder for me now because you go into the studio and they put so much makeup on you. For me, it’s ike the ideal version of yourself when you get all made up. Everyone’s like, “Oh, you’re so pretty!” and then they meet you in real life and they’re like, “You have so much makeup on in that show, huh?”
Carly: Yeah, people say that to me all the time. They’re like, “You look so much better on TV!” and I’m like, “thanks, you guys.” I’m like, of course I do, I sit in makeup for three hours!
Jessimae: It is hard to embrace yourself. I don’t think Carly and I are like, “we’re so happy with ourselves, you should be happy with yourselves too. It’s okay to be a little insecure, but you shouldn’t let that rule. You have to know that some things you can change, some things you can’t. You have to work on yourself as a person, not so much your makeup.

Can you guys tell me your most embarrassing dating moments?
Carly: I once dated this guy for, like, six months who didn’t speak English. He was Italian and I liked him because I was like, “OMG this is so cool, I have no idea what he’s saying.” We had the best relationship ever. He would just pick me up and take me out to dinner, boopity boopity boo, that’s all I heard…
Jessimae: Those were Italian sounds.
Carly: Actually, that was Italian.
Jessimae: I think that was Mary Poppins.
Carly: 100 percent Italian. It was the chef from the Muppets. We’re good. That’s exactly what he sounded like. So we were dating for a little bit and one day he came to pick me up and he was like, “you’re getting really fat.” And I was like, “You speak English?” He had not spoken English to me the entire time we were dating and that’s why I liked him. Do you know what it’s like to have somebody learn another language to tell you that you’re fat?
Jessimae: I was dating this guy for a while and he wanted to go to the beach. The night before, my girl and I went out and she ended up crashing on my couch and I woke up so late. He messaged me and he was like, “I’m outside your apartment.” He kind of wanted it to be a romantic day, so he comes up and he was confused because my friend was there in her pajamas. He was like, “Are we still going to the beach?” And I was like, “Yeah, she’s going to come, that’s cool, right?” And you know when you can just see someone’s face when they’re like, no that’s not cool? So he’s like, “Uh, okay, well why don’t I just get you guys breakfast and I’ll let you get ready?” So he took our breakfast order and I was like, “I’ll have egg and cheese and bacon on a bagel” and he was like, “Okay, do you want orange juice?” and I was like, “Yeah, sounds good.” He left and never came back. Why would he ask me if I wanted orange juice?
Carly: He was selling the dream.
Jessimae: Yeah, he was. Every now and then, my friend will text me and be like, I’m still waiting for breakfast.
Carly: Wait and you never called him again?
Jessimae: I called him, but he just never responded. He totally shut it off. Dunzo. I’m still waiting for my bagel.
Carly: You know he got in the car and called his friends like, “I just got a breakfast order and I’m never going back.”

Jessimae Peluso

The day of the interview was Jessimae’s birthday, so she got cupcakes! | Source: Instagram

Do you guys have any worst kiss stories?
Jessimae: Oh God, that’s like 99 percent of the time.
Carly: I was just going say, you mean my whole life? Okay, once this guy took me out on a date and I freaking hated him so much. I hung out with him for like a half hour and I was like I have to get out of here. I was like, “Oh, you know what, I have a cat.” I just made up this cat I had. I was like I have to go take care of my cat, it’s, like, dying. And then I went to go hug him and he kissed me and he got like the corner of my mouth – you know when really creepy guys get the corner of your lip? – and I was like, um, okay. Then when I got off the train, I had a text message from him – he was really stupid, that’s why I hated him – saying, “Still licking my lips,” but he spelled licking L-I-C-Q-U-E-N-G. So that was the worst kiss ever.
Jessimae: There was this one guy I used to hang out with. I don’t know why I would always make out with him because he was so bad. It was like his tongue was looking for something in my mouth.
Carly: Like a cave?
Jessimae: Yeah, like his tongue was blind and he was looking for something in my mouth. And I just continuously let this man’s tongue look for something in my mouth. And his breath was so bad, it was like kitty litter.
Carly: Oh, that’s the worst. I feel like first kisses are the worst because it’s like everybody has braces and your rubber band just snapped in my nose, what just happened?

How do you guys deal with these awkward moments?
Carly: I just text all of my friends about how stupid I am.
Jessimae: I usually create an awkward moment just to avoid feeling the real awkward moment. So usually I’ll just fart. I really do.
Carly: She farts like nobody’s business.
Jessimae: Like one time I was at CVS with this guy about two weeks after we started dating and I just let it rip.
Carly: That’s how you know if he’s the one.
Jessimae: That’s how you know. He was laughing. He was in the other aisle but he knew it was me. And I could just hear him laughing and I was like, I got him, hook line and sinker, he’s mine. And we dated for two years.
Carly: I only fart on vacation. It’s a weird thing that doesn’t count.
Jessimae: That’s a good girl code. Only fart when you’re on vacation.

What kind of dating advice would you give to any girl?
Jessimae: Any guy, especially initially when you first start dating and you’re young, wants to have sex. That’s just the ultimate goal. And there’s nothing wrong with having sex, I mean, be protected and all that… but don’t think if you sleep with the guy he’s going to be in love with you.
Carly: Nope. Because, guess what, you give it up too soon, it’s not going to happen. My thing is, keep it on a shelf for like a month. Shelf it.
Jessimae: Let it collect dust.
Carly: Dust it off and be like, you deserve this now.
Jessimae: So, our dating advice is let it collect dust. If he’s worth it, you’ll clean it off, you’ll Swiffer it for him.

Can you tell me anything about season two of Girl Code?
Jessimae: It’s coming out! Late October! And you’re going to watch it. It’s more wild, more fun…
Carly: There’s going to be other things going on.
Jessimae: Not just topics.

What else do you guys have going on?
Jessimae: Well, we’re on tour. Me, Carly and Chris DeStefano. We’re the Italians of Girl Code, that’s what we’ve decided.
Carly: Yeah, we’ll be all over. We’re coming to everyone who’s out there.
Jessimae: We’re coming to get you, watch out.

What are your parting words for all the girls out there?
Jessimae: I say it and I’ve always said it. Don’t try to be the girl in the magazine. That’s what I always say. You are beautiful and you have things about you that are beautiful. You just have to find them and flaunt them. And don’t feel bad about it.
Carly: I think just be who you are and don’t be afraid because I think that shows more than anything you could ever put on your face.
Jessimae: Confidence is sexy and it goes with every outfit. So that should be your main beauty trick.
Carly: And also take birth control.
Jessimae: Take birth control. And don’t douche. Douching does not work.
Carly: Don’t do it. Don’t douche and don’t date a douche. Girl code. No douches allowed.
Jessimae: Don’t douche and don’t date a douche. Advice for life.


Watch their Olay Fresh Effects #nofilter video for some serious LOLs:

Do you watch Girl Code? Are you fans of Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso? What was your favorite part of the interview? Tell me in the comments.


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