12 Unexpected Study Tips That Will Get You Better Grades

It’s about that time of year when teachers stop feeling sorry for your post-summer sadness and start piling on the homework, tests and essays that ensure endless studying and stress. In two simple words, it sucks. So, if you’re looking to get better grades so that you can get into a kickass college (or just get your parents off your back) I’ve searched Pinterest to round up some different study tips to help you out.

Maybe you’ve heard some of these unexpected study tips before, but I bet you haven’t heard of all of them. Okay, maybe you have. I don’t know your life. But I’d be willing to bet that a lot of you haven’t tried all of these things yet. And while some of them may seem a little out there or a little too difficult, I think they’re all worth a shot. If they get you an A, it’s pretty much a win, right?

Which of these tips seems the most helpful to you? Have you ever tried any of these? What are your study tips? Tell me in the comments. If you feel like maybe you’re struggling in school because of a bigger problem, check out our article on learning disabilities.


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  • Rebecca WElls

    Have you heard of the chewing gum trick? You chew gum while studying and you chew the same flavor while testing. Supposedly, it is suppose to help you remember what you read/studied.

    • Liz

      Works pretty much the same way as the tip about the perfume. I used to do it with different suckable candies!

  • Jayme

    All of these tips help :] I’m trying to study now all day every day for university classes and every bit of support helps. It may have been a joke but that last one is actually such an amazing idea!

  • Jess

    This was exactly the thing I needed! I will definitely try out that perfume tip.
    I wrote even more tips on my own blog:

  • Shelly

    These are really good, thanks!