8 Myths About Orgasms That Are Definitely Not True

Having an orgasm probably isn’t something you talk about in an every day conversation, unless you’re hanging with your besties and you guys are very open with each other. Since it’s sort of a taboo subject, it makes sense that there are a lot of myths out there about orgasms. But at the same time, it’s something that is constantly on everyone’s minds, so… it also doesn’t really make sense.

There are a lot of false orgasm facts out there that I feel we need to address. You just shouldn’t walk around thinking these things, especially if you want to have a happy sex life. Here are 8 myths about orgasms that are definitely not true.

Have you heard of any of these myths? What myths did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


8 myths about masturbation that are not true

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  • Anonymous

    Could someone please write an article on exactly what an orgasm is? How do you know that you’re having one? What does it feel like?

    • Meg

      You’ll know. For me I get really wet and slippery. My muscles in my v contract and I kinda buck upwards and curl my toes. (Sorry if that’s TMI) it’s just what happens.

  • math

    Ill agree with everything but the vaginal orgasms and multiple orgasms. EVERY woman unless she’s got some serious/rare medical condition/brain disorder (I mean push bad social programming from your mind for a second and analyze…do you really think theyv got an extra part or youv got a missing one?)can reach both those things easily and 99.9% of the time (unless your cat died that day or something lol). Do NOT mistake “haven’t yet” (the sole “proof” any woman as ever given as to why she “can’t”) and “Can’t”. I would recommend to you or any of your readers that are interested in learning more about their pleasure (1 hour orgasms, thinkoff, kissgasm, boobgasms, vaginal orgasms, multiples and much more…) to google “David Shade”…your welcome in advance girls !

  • Jess

    Cosmo Politan, that is just stupid. Sex is as much about connecting with your partner as it is about feeling good. You should, in general, enjoy sex, but if you don’t enjoy it just one time, its not necessarily the man’s fault. Have you ever tried having sex when you don’t feel good? Its almost impossible to get off. In order to orgasm, you have to let your body relax and focus on what feels good, that’s very hard to do when you are sick or stressed out. And that is most definitely not the man’s fault. And yes, sometimes men do fake orgasms, although not as often as women. And you shouldn’t fake orgasms anyway, because then the man will keep doing what he’s been doing, which obviously isn’t working for you. How can you expect a man to make you orgasm every time if you lie to him about what does/doesn’t feel good?

  • Cosmo Politan

    At least half of those are not not true. If a woman doesn’t enjoy sex, it’s more or less the man’s fault for not doing a good job. Also, guys never fake orgasms; that’s retarded. As for a woman faking an orgasm, that means, once again, that the man did not do a good job.
    What’s the point of sex if you don’t have an orgasm?
    Men usually orgasm faster than woman, so it’s up to them to hold out until the women ffinises (and, yes, it’s better if she does orgasm multiple times and from the vagina and clitoris).
    Treat sex like a skill set, and suddenly your whole viewpoint changes.