10 Overrated TV Shows That Should Have Been Cancelled Already

Last week, the lovely Ashley Reese wrote a post about 10 underrated TV shows that were cancelled way too soon. While there are a bunch of TV shows out there that should have stayed on air for a few more seasons, there are just as many overrated TV shows out there that have been on for way too long. Most of these shows have been nominated for and even won Emmy awards over other shows and actors or actresses who should have won. Ugh. If you can’t tell, I’m still a little bitter over some of the Emmy winners from last night.

There are a lot of TV shows on right now that everyone is like, “OMG I LOVE” and I’m just like, “Eh… why?” Some of these started off really, really great and then kind of plummeted. Some of these were never good (sorry, not sorry). And some of these are pretty good, just not as good as the endless praise that gets heaped on them. My point is, there are great TV shows out there that aren’t being nominated for awards or being talked about everywhere because of overrated shows like these. So, read on and keep in mind that these are just my opinions – you should feel free to add yours in the comments below!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Which of these shows do you love? Which do you hate? What overrated shows did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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  • MarkPH

    Modern Family is a very good show. I don’t really find it that funny though. Its little clever subtleties are somewhat humerous but I can’t call this show HaHa funny.

    I find The Big Bang Theory consistently funny. The jokes are not deep but they are clever. Bob Newhart claims this show is the best written comedy on network TV. You may know way more people that hate the show then like the show but this isn’t reflected in the Neilson ratings. It’s ranked number one most of the time, that’s why the show is still on the air, and it shouldn’t be difficult to understand this.

  • Hamitch

    Game of Thrones, Reign and Big Brother should be interchanged with HIMYM, TBBT and TAAHM (Up until Charlie leaves)

  • Joshua

    Game of Thrones is overrated too, it sucks ass. BUT! It racks in heaps of money so I guess, let the show go on.

  • Alex

    Everyone has different taste you love Modern Family I think it’s so not funny in anyway it does nothing for me. The big bang theory I find hysterical I love the cast and Jim Parsons deserves those awards. Great timing on the delivery. Just Because it doesn’t float your boat doesn’t mean it don’t float other peoples boat

  • Angela

    I agree except 2 broke girls. I love the effortless comedy.

  • Leonard

    Two And A Half Men used to be the best TV Show on screen when Charlie Sheen was on, the numbers of views were absolutely high, but I don’t know what happened to it now. Chuck Lorre made it worst for letting Angus T Jones leaving the easy. I agree that How I Met Your Mother is an overrated show, it seriously never made me laugh. The Big Bang Theory is ok, Sheldon Cooper can really make you LYAO.

  • Matt

    Family Guy is by far and away the most overrated show in tv history. The world would be a lot funnier if seth mcfarlane would just retire!

  • Johnatan

    You should have put Breaking Bad on this list, even though it has some great acting, the story itself is just cartoonish. Game of Thrones, the great hype about this show I could never understand, this show except some nice scenery doesn’t really have anything in it. Bunch of people going somewhere, never getting there. Its pure boredom.

  • Bradyn

    I agree with all except Big Bang Theory, and HIMYM. I also thing you should add the walking dead to this list. It has been excruciatingly boring ever since the end of season two and just needs to end.

  • Chris

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you are pretty young (it’s pretty obvious). I’m guessing under 26 (a kid). Big Bang, Modern Family, HIMYM, Mad Men are targeted to a little older audience. The major part of people enjoying entertainment is their ability to relate to the characters and their experiences. If you are too young or cannot empathize with the characters through your own life then I would guess that you would not gain much pleasure from these shows. Get older, gain life experience then watch them again. You may find them more interesting.

    • Jessica Booth

      I’m not a kid, actually. And I don’t think my age has anything to do with me not liking these TV shows. First of all, as I said, I love Modern Family and don’t think it needs to be cancelled – I just think it’s not as funny as it once was. Secondly, the other three shows are just boring to me. It has nothing to do with age, and to suggest otherwise is just silly to me.

    • TheC

      For older peolpe???? HAHAHAHAHA what a joke. HIMYM has a good plot unlike the TBBT. These shows have a target audience for teens and young adults. No fully grown adult would be able to relate to these shows because its just ludicrous (maybe except mad men). If mad men was made for like you say “older audiences” then those people would be like 60. so if you’re suggesting that mad men is watched by 60 year old people then i really feel that you should go to a mental institution.

    • adam

      I’m a kid and love big bang and himym

  • Angela

    Agree with your list, TV is horrible nowadays.

    • Nobuhle z

      I agree with this list…i thought its just me being 4rm south afri. & not understanding u.s humour

  • Jay

    Great list…you nailed it. I haven’t seen all of the shows, but BBT, 2 and a half men, and 2 broke girls don’t even pass as comedies…comedies require authentic laughing, not laugh tracks to guide a dumb audience. I also don’t get the fascination with modern family. I have tried but it isn’t anywhere close to a show like arrested development. it isnt bad but it doesn’t deserve the hype…it is passable, and that’s all it is.

  • anona

    I agree with the list except for The Big Bang Theory and, to a lesser extent, How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls.

  • Dr. Robert B. Vincelette Jr.

    American Idol is the worst because it pretends to present real musicians as though they were akin to graduates of the Julliard School ready for the concert hall. The junk culture pop/rock songs are to music what a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and a Coke is to food. To compete on this show you only need a few weeks and pesto! You are considered equal to Enrico Caruso or Maria Callas without all the years of hard brutal training it takes. Imagine the duck dynasty family practicing paintball in their backyard over a case of beer on a few weekends and telling the world that this training makes them equal to the Navy Seals. That is what the simulated stardom American Idol is all about; pure fraud for the gullible middle brow target audience.

  • Ashley

    are there any shows you do like?

    • Jessica Booth

      Yes! Surprisingly, there are a lot more shows out there than just these 10 😉

  • Rebecca

    I’d agree with all of these except HIMYM. It doesn’t always make me laugh out loud but the characters are all easy to relate to (except, maybe, Barney) and it’s a good show to watch when you just want to relax and not think too much. Though, I will admit it has gone down hill lately.

  • ldm

    I agree with the list except for Big Bang Theory. I would personally add in 100% of all MTV shows (basically the whole channel) and Grey’s Anatomy. My goodness, that show is super boring! Either way, a great article overall.

  • Sam

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  • DevilsAdvocate


    What shows do you like, then?