15 Of Our Most Embarrassing TV Character Crushes

Sometimes we can’t quite understand why we’re attracted to the characters we’re attracted to. It’s always the ones who aren’t very conventionally attractive but have amusing or entertaining personalities that really win us over and we end up doing all kinds of logic gymnastics to defend our gross crushes.

This is basically me every single day when the Gurl team and I are discussing our latest unattainable celebrity crushes.

But I’m not the only one with a nasty little secret hiding in my heart. I’ve asked the rest of the Gurl girls and some of our friends at our sister sites such as The Gloss to own up to their weird crushes, so here are 15 of our most embarrassing TV crushes.

Are you surprised by anything in this list? Which TV characters are you oddly attracted to? Were there any TV ladies that you couldn’t help but find super appealing? Tell us in the comments!

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