10 Reasons He’s Not In The Mood To Have Sex

A lot of girls think that all guys are ready to jump into bed to get down and dirty at any moment of any day – so when a guy isn’t in the mood for sex, some girls take it really personally. However, just because a lot of guys are horny a lot of the time, that doesn’t mean they constantly want to have sex every second of the day. Sometimes stuff happens and they just want to cuddle. There’s nothing wrong with that!

I’ve gotten a few questions about some of you freaking out because your boyfriend isn’t always in the mood to have sex and I figured that it was time to address it. Of course, the best thing to do is to just ask him, but if you’re uncomfortable doing that, you can start by reading this! So, here are 10 reasons he’s not in the mood.

Do you date someone who just isn’t in the mood sometimes? Why are you not in the mood to have sex sometimes? Tell me in the comments.


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