7 Makeup And Beauty Vloggers Of Color To Check Out!

Who else goes on YouTube beauty binges? I don’t know how it happens or why, but one minute I’m curious about good foundations for oily skin and the next minute–which ends up being an hour and 30 videos later–I know everything about contouring and the dangers of taking photos with HD finishing powder.

Makeup and beauty videos on YouTube aren’t just amazing for great tips. They’re also awesome in terms of representation. People who actually have darker complexions are sharing their favorite foundations and women with hooded lids are showing that you can still wear amazing eye makeup without a prominent lid. This kind of advice was so hard to find in large numbers just a few years ago, so it’s amazing to witness it’s growth and diversity.

There are a lot of amazing YouTube beauty gurus out there and we know we can’t list all of them, but this post is going to highlight 10 makeup and beauty vloggers of color who we’re really digging right now.


Who are your favorite YouTube makeup and beauty vloggers of color? What kind of representation do you want to see more often in beauty tutorials in general? Tell us in the comments!

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