’90s Fashion Trends That Are Making Wicked Comebacks

Looking back at the ’90s, I definitely made some unfortunate fashion choices. I don’t even want to talk about the 2000s. There are definitely a lot of trends that we’re seeing today that need to just stop. I’ve noticed that recently a bunch of cool trends are making their way back out of the woodwork. And I like it.

I’m not talking about those horrific crinkle shirts (those really were straight out of nightmares) or butterfly clips. I’m talking about real trends that were tré cool like plaid shirts tied around your waist and denim vests.

If you want to hop on the ’90s fashion trend resurgence, these 7 trends are coming back in a big way.


Heck yes! Timberlands were spotted on feet all over the '90s. Where do you think rapper Timbaland got his name? Beyonce recently Instagrammed a photo of her family's Timberland collection. If it's good enough for Queen B, it's good enough for me.

Photo Source: Beyonce's Instagram


Birkenstock sandals were dubbed the shoe of the summer. And their clogs are apparently coming back for fall. Let the best slip-on shoes back on our little toes!

Photo Source: Birkenstock


I'm obviously super into overalls, so I'd wear them whether they were coming back or not. We even did an overall giveaway. Let's hope they never go out of style again!

Photo Source: The Man Repeller


I mean, why would you not want to wear scrunchies? They are literally the best thing for your hair.

Photo Source:Full House Wikia

Hair Bows

Oh oh and hair bows are back too! I didn't know they ever left, but whatever. Got a braid? Put a bow on it. Bun? Stick a bow on there. Bangs? Clip them back with a bow.

Photo Source: Shutterstock

Crop Tops

This is even called a '90s crop top. Crop tops aren't going anywhere. Rock one with some flare jeans or a maxi skirt for ultimate trendiness.

Photo Source: ASOS

Platform Sneakers

I had the coolest platform sneakers back in the '90s. I wore them because I wasn't tall enough to go on the rides at Six Flags. Now I need an excuse to gain some inches.

Photo Source: Target

Do you like any of these trends? Are you going to try any of them? Tell us in the comments!

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