8 Tips On How To Deal When Your Ex Has A New GF Right Away

On September 16, reps for both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirmed that the couple have officially called off their engagement and are, in a word, dunzo. We’ve all had our suspicions for a very long time, so I don’t think this came as a surprise to anybody. What did come as a surprise (to me, at least)? Liam has already been spotted getting cozy with another girl – a Mexican actress named Eiza Gonzalez – and the Internet is buzzing with news that she’s his new girlfriend.

I’m pretty sure Miley and Liam called it quits a while ago, but still – if this girl really is Liam’s new girlfriend, it’s a little soon, don’t you think? Poor Miley. I can totally feel her pain. It’s bad enough when your ex starts dating someone else, but when he does it almost immediately after a breakup, it’s 100 times worse. It leaves you wondering how long he’s been over you, if he was cheating on you and what you did wrong.

I’ve been in this situation myself and all I can say is… man. It freakin’ hurts. So, how do you deal when your BF breaks up with you and already has a new girl in a week? Read on to find out.

Have you ever dealt with an ex dating a new girl too quickly after the breakup? How did you get through it? Tell me in the comments.


8 ways to know if you should get back together with your ex

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  • lola1234

    Me and my boyfriend broke up last week on Tuesday. We were so happy Monday laughing and everything and Tuesday I get the “i cant talk to you anymore i found someone” message. It broke me soo much and it hurts bc I have to see him everyday he lives right infront of me. & all he does is so off his gf and i miss him so much idk what to do..

  • felicia adams

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  • Adriana

    My ex and I were together for 6 months and we had big plans. Met his family and everything. We were each other’s first. Three months in our relationship he was in bootcamp. He graduated from bootcamp and stopped talking to me during his 10 days being home. We only went out once and texted each other twice. We broke up in person. He said I deserved better and that he might die and he doesn’t want me to go through the pain and a bunch of other things.. BS. Excuses, excuses. Less than a week I found out he had a new girlfriend. Now he claims that “she has his back and he has hers.” I was there for him when no one else was. I did so much for him before and during bootcamp. And then he does this? Jerk.

  • Deyanira

    I found out after our break up the same week he got a new girlfriend and its been a month and a half since we separated and he already took her to his family and to make matters worse a little over a week ago it was announced he will be a dad…this is the worst feeling ever feels like 3 years of a relationship never meant anything. ??

  • lonelyme26

    i really dont know if i can move on
    my ex boyfriend and I work in the same place together with the woman he likes.
    i can see him flirting with her always
    i already asked him to respect my feelings by flirting when i am not around, but it seems like he really help it.
    he flirts with other girls in front
    and yet he would still want me to be his friend
    he would still ask me to go with him during breaks and lunches. now i really dont know what to do?

    • Wanthimback26

      Omg… I’m going through the same thing… Even tho I work with my ex I don’t seem him flirting but I know he does. And I know he moved on but he won’t admit it. I can get over the hurt if I don’t see him but it’s hard when I see him. This is where I really need God to help me

  • lonelyme26

    ? i feel you

    • shanvi patel

      Something was same… i n my frnd were together for 6 yrs..and he used to love me alot but dont knw y v were not in relation but ya v both used to love each otjer… nad v were not taking to each other for 2 months vut i messed him n yet he didnt replied later i cld him and v meet and he toldd that he has a gf … i was broked up at that tym… but nw when v take he ask for my photo but again he has stoped taking and he kept a dp with his new gf.. ya he really live her… dont knw wht i do

  • Laura betts

    After over a year. It took my boyfriend three days to sleep with someone else. And he is also flirting with lots of girls and getting them to come and see him. I also found out he was starting to look for other girls whilst I was away for a week during summer. I am absolutely heartbroken. And truly believed him to be the one.

  • Lisa

    My ex-boyfriend and I were together for about a year and a half. We broke up almost two months ago. He is seeing someone else already, which is very painful. The hardest part is that he and I work together, and the other girl works there also. For some time in our relationship, this girl has been chasing him and has made it known to him that she liked him. I would question him and ask him if he liked her too, which he would never give me a straight answer. From that time on, I always had my suspicions about the two of them, and he and I unfortunately had many arguments about her. I tried very hard not to let her get under my skin and to tell myself that there was nothing going on between them, especially since he loved me (or so he said) and we had plans for a future and a marriage together. So it was my worst nightmare to see them together shortly after we have broken up. To see him happy and moving on, while I’m trying to be strong and move on myself. I go to work everyday and put on a happy face, but deep inside I am truly heart broken. I know that this situation just confirms everything that I thought was going on the whole time, even though he told me it was all in my head. I know that in the end God works every situation out and brings something good from it. He wasn’t the one for me, however right now, the pain is so deep. I just want to go to work in peace. Never get serious with a guy you work with!!

    • Broken

      The same thing happened to me 5 months ago. We were together for 3 years, and I was very close with his family/friends. He’s still with her, and hasn’t contacted me in all this time. In fact, his entire family/friends turned their backs on me right after the breakup, and have accepted her as part of the family. Still hurts very much. I trusted him….

    • lonelyme26

      This what exactly happened to me as well, maybe the only difference is he still wants me to be his friend. what to do?

  • Em_121

    Me and my boyfriend broke up not that long ago.. I’m still taking it hard.. I cry and cry but I kinda realized that you can’t let that bring you down. I’m still having trouble coping with it but yea.. Haha smile 🙂

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  • Allison

    It’s been almost a year and I’m still not over my ex!
    He moved on within a month of our breakup, and trust me, I took it HARD.
    He was a family friend, and he’s still friends with everybody else in my family so I often overhear my family talking about him and his new girlfriend!
    It totally sucks, and it’s taking soo much longer because of that. Also doesn’t help that all of his friends go to the same college as me. Dirty looks all day long!

    • VGirl4evralone

      i have a problem simular to you Allison. Over a year ago me and this guy broke up over the summer and it completly crushed me. i never felt thing so painful. when school started again ild ask our friends about him to see if held already moved on, which he did. they tell me about all the girl he was dating at the time and about how i shouldve listened to them when they said he wasnt good for me. Listening to this stuff only makes me feel worse and i still cant help but cry everytime i think about him. i thought we were in love and i relize how wrong and stupid i was now