Lazy Girl’s Guide: Surviving Being Single

I’m currently single.

In fact, I’ve always been single, but that’s a long story. Yeah, sometimes it sucks and I certainly wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend, but there are a lot of perks to singlehood. You don’t have to sorry about fitting into somebody else’s schedule, you don’t have to worry about the state of your relationship and you get to check out whoever you want without feeling the least bit guilty.

But for some, especially serial monogamists, suddenly being single can be really scary. And after a breakup, it can be straight up depressing. No worries! In the Lazy Girl’s Guide to being single, we’ve got some funny survival skills to help turn those single girl blues around. Follow our 10 bits of advice and your journey as a single lady will be much more fun–and ridiculous–than you ever imagined.


Are you a single lady? Are you loving it or hating it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • sassysasquatch

    This is just what I needed. Trust me I love being single, but sometimes I feel a little lonely. Although, after reading this and laughing so hard I am super happy and confident being single! Embrace it gurls!

  • Daniela

    Why do I feel like every time a boy is nice to me I like him I just don’t know whats happening to me.

  • Elise

    This made me LOL. I just got dumped 3 weeks ago, after seven months, via text—BUMMER! But, I’m definitely happier now and for some reason I’ve gotten hit on so much in the last which is ironic because my ex dumped me because I wasn’t “interesting or attractive” anymore maybe it’s all the Power Music, Flo Rida’s I cry has been my anthem lol. Loving singlehood!